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Thread: Collecting Stonebinder's Cuffs (Share yours!)

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    Collecting Stonebinder's Cuffs (Share yours!)

    I'm looking to make a small collection of Stonebinder's Cuffs from various difficulties. Got any that I don't? Upload 'em here!

    Attached is a vault file containing the following (Exported from TQVault):

    Protective Stonebinder's Cuffs
    Stonebinder's Cuffs of Ability

    Insulated Stonebinder's Cuffs of Momentum (IT)
    Hale Stonebinder's Cuffs of Speed
    Tempered Stonebinder's Cuffs of Vitality
    Insulated Stonebinder's Cuffs
    Staunch Stonebinder's Cuffs
    Tempered Stonebinder's Cuffs of Endowment
    Curative Stonebinder's Cuffs of Essence
    Insulated Stonebinder's Cuffs of Inertia (IT)

    Hale Stonebinder's Cuffs of Alacrity
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to thank the original poster for the vault file.
    I farmed the 3 gorgons at the entry to the Pythian caves in legendary a lot. The experience I gained was enough to get me from the very beginning of level 55 to the beginning of lvl 57. 2 Whole levels worth of farming. I am running a prophet with -100 recharge and my run speed is over 160. getting to them is fast and I kill them fast, I am willing to bet I killed them 500 times and I only found 2 Stonebinder Cuffs. I was trying to get one with alacrity for my friend who is playing a Hunter and after that many kills I never found one with that mod. I decided to search and here it is. Thanks for posting this vault and for saving me some time. Back to playing.

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    Long time since the first time I played TQ. I have been looking for these cuffs for about 3 hours using xmax, no luck. Thank you very much purple100, respect

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