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Thread: Tag Not Found Fix

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    Tag Not Found Fix

    Ok so last night steam did some update that caused a lot of people to get the "tag not found" error when they start their game. Here is the fix for Titan Quest and Immortal Throne:

    1. Start Steam
    2. Right click on Titan quest and hit properties
    3. Click the local files tab and then click "verify integrity of game cache"
    4. After it updates click on Immortal Throne and do the same thing.
    5. Start Titan Quest Immortal Throne will not work until you load titan quest and then exit
    6. After exiting Titan Quest start Immortal Throne and it should be fixed

    Sticky if you like

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    You seem to have registered just to post this fix, which saved my sanity, so I registered just to say thank you

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    I second the comment above. You, sir, are a god among men!

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    Sorry guys, our resident "God among Men" doesn't like upstarts, so please vacate the area ASAP..

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    Lol glad it works for everyone cheers

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    Smile Thank you.

    Your fix worked. Thank you very much. I hope you have a good Summer.


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    Thanks for the help, RiseFreeze. This will be a much quicker fix if this happens again. I ended up going the 'big hammer' route, uninstalled both TQ and IT, re-downloaded both, fixed. Now I know better for next time. Thanks again!

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    Smile tx

    Had same bug (2011 october 13th), googled this thread, used same process, fixed my game instantly.



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