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Thread: Pyro question.

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    Pyro question.

    Greetings everyone.
    I see lot of you have a high knowledge about TQ. So, I read a lot of topics, and guides, and they are all great.
    And I would like to ask you something.
    I started very, very wrong....
    So, I wanted to be just Pyromancer. At least in the beginning.
    And what I did was that I invested Attribute points in STR/INT (164/154).
    I guess that was like.... very bad idea, right?
    Because, I saw in couple of guides to focus on spending AP only into STR and DEF(mostly in STR for melee), or INT.

    So.... My skills are alright. But, if someone could just tell me, if I could fix my AP anyhow, please say it.
    I am level 16 now. So.... should I start again, or I could possibly continue to play like that? >.<

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    Hm, yeah Str isn't the best friend of a Earth Caster, from that point you could go Battlemage (Warfare + Earth). Or you could use Defiler to remove that Str.

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    Please, tell me what is Defiler, and how can I use it?
    And what it cost, and shit... please.

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    Thank you people.

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