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Thread: I've Been Robbed!

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    I've Been Robbed!

    Several times, while playing Lilith or TQIT, I would notice that I suddenly had a lot less gold than I remembered. I figured that I had merely made a mistake. But recently, I had a new character almost up to 30,000 gold, when the character only had 12,000. I checked my inventory carefully to make sure I hadn't suddenly bought something. It was too early in the game to change any of the charms. I was robbed!

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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    never notice that。gold is not that important in tqit。

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    You get so much gold after just playing, that you'll never need to get concerned over it again.

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    I bet it was them darned pirates.............

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    I had that problem, turns out there were holes all over the back of my computer. After I taped them all up and had it sealed really good, the computer died. I think it is best to let the pirates steal the gold as that is better than buying a new computer after the pirates get mad an melt your "secured" computer.

    (seriously, never heard of this before)

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    I'm glad you didn't say it was a problem with System32.
    I remember playing a pc game in the early 80's where the maze graphics and monsters were text characters on our green screens. If you ran into a capital "L" it was a leprechaun and he would steal your gold. If gold was an issue in TQ, it sure would be a funny monster skill.

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    I have purchased burglary insurance and the problem has disappeared.

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