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Thread: "Unable to patch database.arz"

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    "Unable to patch database.arz"

    Hello. Just started playing this game on steam, and I found out that the drops are... set to a random number when you start the .exe, not truely random, and in trying to find a solution, I discovered the fanpatch. Okay, I downloaded it, but every time I try to install it, it patches the first two files, but then I get an "unable to patch database.arz" error message. I have used the SD defiler for a little bit, but when I first got the message, I deleted local files and completely reinstalled TQ and IT, with no change. I looked over the readme but saw nothing that would seem to cause this problem.

    Can I get any help please?

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    The fanpatch works for me (also steam version). It sounds like a problem with permissions, try executing the patch as administrator.
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    I did that, but I think something changed my database.arz. I went online and found another one, (25 mb, mine is 12 mb) and it worked just fine. Haven't tested it yet though.

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