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Thread: Which 5 unique builds would you play from scratch?

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    Which 5 unique builds would you play from scratch?


    I recently started a little project for myself in which I am playing 5 characters from scratch. These 5 characters will uniquely combine the 9 classes, but I'll allow Dream twice since its the special/expansion class. I ended up going with:

    Conjurer (Earth/Spirit)
    Prophet (Storm/Dream)
    Champion (Warfare/Nature)
    Dreamkiller (Rogue/Dream)
    Warden (Hunting/Defense)

    I have my own quirky reasons why I picked the ones I did. Old characters from tabletop games; skills I dont like to combine together because I prefer the weaker one and I wanted to avoid self gimping; concept; etc.

    But I am wondering, if YOU only made 5 characters uniquely (Dream allowed twice), which combos would you do?

    And why?

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    Conjurer (Earth/Spirit): I like strong summons.
    Assassin (Warfare/Rogue): 'nuff said.
    Haruspex (Hunting/Dream): A strong hybrid character ought to be interesting.
    Druid (Storm/Nature): The first character I created. It didn't end up very well but I still like the combination.
    Templar (Dream/Defense): Was there really much left after the first four? Anyway, this is something I wouldn't usually play so it might be worth a try.

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    Must it only be Dream we can use twice?

    Warlock (Rogue/Spirit): Melee. Possibly geared towards poison/bleed?
    Evoker (Earth/Dream): Experimental close-casting Auramancer (I'm thinking lots of flame surging and reality distorting.)
    Sage (Hunting/Storm): Melee
    Ritualist (Nature/Dream): I can't decide between melee and casting. Hell, then bows it is.
    Conquerer (Warfare/Defense): I doubt I'd touch this. The poor guy would just stand naked on the character select screen for eternity.

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    Warden (Defence/Hunting) - I like Peltast/Hoplit concept of a fighter
    Prophet (Dream/Storm) - Melee, from boardgames(DnD) I prefer to play gish(battlemage) characters
    Soothsayer (Nature/Spirit) - Lazy pet-master. Nuff said
    Battlemage (Warfare/Earth) - fire, burning pet, ghosts(ancestral warriors) - imagine him some sort of helllord
    Dreamkiller (Rogue/Dream) - even if DoT sucks, it's still a very interesting to play concept

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    Diviner (Spirit/dream) Ternion melee just rules
    Conqueror (Warfare/Defense) Ideal Tank/Dps machine
    Illusionist (Rogue/Nature) Traps and pets are great fun
    Haruspex (Hunting/dream) The über character
    Elementalist (Earth/Storm) Spells are us, the real mage deal, pure caster i cool.
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    Oracle (spirit/storm) Ternion/Squall everywhere
    Haruspex (hunting/dream) OP, broken, easy-mode you name it
    Champion (warfare/nature)
    Evoker (earth/dream)
    Corsair (rogue/defense) it's one of the lamest beginners, until you find a good mbuti's

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