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Thread: Path of Exile - Beta Manifesto

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    Path of Exile - Beta Manifesto

    Quite the interesting read.

    "Our intention with this document is to describe the current state of Path of Exile’s beta version (as of version 0.9.1 in August 2011) and describe how we plan to improve it in the future. You can treat it as documentation of the reasoning behind certain features, and our current thoughts on what we feel is wrong with them or what intended changes we have in the pipeline during beta.
    We’ve decided to make this public so that we can get feedback from the greater community. Please understand that Path of Exile is an unfinished Closed Beta and that we’re planning to revamp or change most of the game over the next few months. We’re actively seeking feedback, and are keen to experiment to find the right solutions to many issues.
    The topics are presented in no particular order. For the purpose of scheduling, features are short term (a few weeks, high priority), medium term (a few months, definitely before Open Beta), or long term (perhaps modified late in Closed Beta, or early in Open Beta). Please note that the “short term” does not mean next patch!"

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    here is some more info about it

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