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Thread: Arthur Bruno interview @ RPS

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    Arthur Bruno interview @ RPS

    In a wonderful interview he tells us about the fall of Iron Lore, and the birth of Crate, explains where Titan Quest fell short, and how Grim Dawn is not attempting to appeal to casual players. In fact, it’s going to be actively hostile toward them. And he introduces us to the concept of rainbow farting machines.
    I also noticed that the number of active users on had grown dramatically over the years instead of declining as you’d typically expect. I realized there were a lot of Titan Quest fans who wanted another game, so I went to talk to the Iron Lore owners and worked out a deal for the rights to the engine.
    Check out the interview here:-

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    There are of course many things I wish we could have done differently or better. I could probably write an entire dissertation about it. One of the biggest things I would have liked to improve was the general presentation and feel of the game. God of War’s dark and edgy feel was a much sexier way to sell mythology to people. You can see our obvious attempt to course correct as much as we were allowed to in the difference between the Titan Quest and Immortal Throne box art and the atmosphere of the games overall. The atmosphere of the original game was seriously lacking a sense of dread and mystery. It was just sort of like “Oh hai! Welcome to ancient Greece, btw there are some monsters around.”

    I totally have to agree on this thing . The feel of the game has been a miss since the start . They've got some of it back in IT but the overall expirience is still lacking the atmosphere Diablo or other Rpgs games have and had . And from what we saw GD will have that atmosphere which will add to the whole game in a big way .

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    Thanks for that link batman. You are the champ.

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