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Thread: [WIP]Soulvizier Mod - Development

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    Oh, and we did crash to desktop multiple times.

    once my wife was killing monsters while i was doing leveling attributes, doubt anything you can do about that.

    two other times were chest openings. When we first started I had the + items on chests on, and + chance on unique in chests, both only at a 2. But turning them both off and the chests never crashed again. This may show the potential of a future 'normal' crash as those should really only allow a loot table to discharge something more regularly then normal. what happens when whatever crashed the game pops up normally? is there a log file of crashes in this game? how do you debug a bad loot drop? I can test this out pretty thoroughly if I know what file to look for.

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    It's odd how Defiler causes crashes with chests in the mod.

    There is a log file for crashes in My Games\Titan Quest Immortal Thrones\exceptions.txt

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    Found a small copy and paste 'bug'. your flamestone has the exact same completed rewards as your froststone, which includes + % to ice and lightning rather then anything with the + to fire. I checked it out in the vault to see what its completion bonus's could be and its the exact same list, and looks tailored to the frost rather then flame.

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    Update time!
    Changelog 0.12

    - Monsters -
    New Keres variant added.
    New Albino Spider variant added.
    New Timberhulk variant added.
    New Epiales variant added.
    New Empusa hero added.
    New Scorpion variant added.
    New Skeleton hero added to Egypt.
    New Vulture variant added.
    New Ratman hero added to Greece.
    Lowered Amynta ensnare duration.
    Siege Striders can now spawn in some Machae and Melinoe camps
    Updated Iaera normal map.
    Increased Empusa spell damage slighty.
    Reduced Epiales hero spawn rate.
    Reduced Vakiya freeze duration.
    Fixed Rusted Relic texture.
    Vampiric Raptors now spawn properly.
    Spellremnant now casts nova on death.
    Tombkeeper scales better into Epic and Legendary.
    Rebalanced Jing Arcfang.
    Reduced size of Jackalman Poison projectiles.
    Buffed Lenyxia aura and bolt fan power.
    Increased Molten Giant lightning resistance 0% -> 30%.
    Increased Molten Giant health by 15%.
    Reduced spawnrate of Yeti heroes.
    Fixed Tempia name and Rain spell effect.
    Increased spawnrate of Orient Skeleton heroes.
    Rebalanced Mutated Scorpions.
    Increased Beetle Firespit damage.
    Lowered spawnrate of Savage Tigermen.
    Fixed Hekos XP bonus.
    Ratman heroes can now spawn in more locations.

    - Items -
    35 hero souls added.
    Remade Flamestone and Froststone completion bonuses.
    Added new resistance types which provide +% resistance increase based on your current resistances.
    Fixed Storm Strike.
    Fixed Boar souls resistances.
    Fixed Childsnatcher Soul string.
    Added missing skill bonus to Sadiki Soul.
    Fixed Lycantes Soul secondary skill bonus.
    Fixed multiplayer animations for some summons.
    Reduced summon rate of Skeletons from Skeleton Souls.

    - Skills -
    Updated Endurance Aura icon.
    Call of Anubis cooldown from 0 to 300.
    Increased health of Wolf Summons by 5%.
    Updated Poison Aura effect.
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    will give it a go tonight.

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    First of all, way too awesome mod xD

    Secondly, me and a friend are trying to play this with Destiny, but it won't let us because it is a bounceback custommap. Is there any chance for a combined mod?

    Update: Used ModMerge to merge them by deleting the maps.arc in Destiny and extracting SV to a custommaps folder, it does load the only thing I can see that isn't right is the skill names come up tag not found. Other than that it looks good to go
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    we ran into a few issues last night where the wife was dropping to desktop. random things, tried to keep track of triggers but didn't see anything, going to reinstall update12 on her computer before trying tonight.

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    Personally I would like ELITE monsters to have more health, take even longer to kill. The zombies seem almost right, but there were others that died faster then champions in the egypt tombs.

    once our damage started to go up i noticed a lot more heroes and bosses still very quick to kill...

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    No crashes tonight, but I couldn't find imhotep (whateverspelling) in memphis to complete the hand and eye quest, usually he had been standing there all the time, and hte quest was complete except turn it in to imhotep, which we weren't able to do, so we just quit for the night.

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