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Thread: Nature's Blessing and Serenity bugged

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    Nature's Blessing and Serenity bugged

    I checked my gear five times. It gives a total of -60% recharge. I turn maxed serenity on, I should have -80% recharge, but instead I have -100% since there's no cooldown for anything anymore.

    Makes the game too cheesy. Way too cheesy, since Force of Nature entangles everything around and pretty much makes you immortal with that 66% sorb from Nature's Blessing + 30% sorb from 0 cooldown Briar ward.

    Theoretically this should be balanced by -66% total damage but guess what, it isn't (another bug) - the skills do roughly the same damage with Nature's Blessing and without it. (if intended - in other words if additive with elemental damage bonuses rather than multiplicative - bad idea.) It's pretty fun to lolspam fabrical tear 3 times per second for ridiculous damage. Or stamp 40 squalls at the same spot and watch everything auto-killing itself. (I beat Uber Legendary Hades Palace with this with such ease ...) I know. But it's still broken. Even uber is too easy with this.

    Anyone willing to bugfix this? I know Munder no longer works on the mod, so... if there's anyone willing to post a "fanpatch" - that would be great. Fixing the -recharge bug on Serenity and making Nature's grace actually cut your damage by two thirds would be great.

    (yes, I know it drains 80 energy per second but who cares when you have flashfreeze, 0 cooldown and 2,5 k mana...)
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    It's a known bug. Same thing happens with Dark Covenant. It's a screwup with how I did the cooldown display. I fixed them all in the last version, but an art manager bug failed to update these two skills.

    I'm not longer working on the mod myself, but if someone created a community patch, I would link it here and on ModDB.

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    What all is going on here? Here's what I understood

    recharge - working
    absorption - working
    minus total - not working

    Is this right?

    Ok so whats going on with dark covenant?
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    Dark covenant and nature's blessing both increase the effectiveness of recharge items/skills. If you have no recharge items or skills, nothing is changed.

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