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Thread: I have a problem with asylumsmod

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    I have a problem with asylumsmod


    I'm playing asylumsmod.
    This mod is awesom. I like it.

    But i have a problem when i playing.

    Some times the constructions deal me amazing damages. forexam, some arrow constructions deals too more damage. One shut and kill

    What can i do .. Any idea ?

    I use Fun patch 1.17a & asylumsmod with diablo ui.


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    Can you be more specific? Your stats look good for your level, and your skills are OK too, so I can't really see an issue to fix.

    Is there a certain enemy bringing you down easily or something?
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    It can't be a bug.

    Enemies are normal. But constructions are crazy. :P

    It doesn't be every time.
    Some times constructions deal amazing damages. I kill all monsters around of construction with %80 hp, and it deal one shot & kill me I didn't understand really :/ It can be lowest fps or freezen screen. If i understand, i'll write here..

    Tnx for help

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    any specfic kind of construct?
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