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Thread: Haruspex Gear

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    Haruspex Gear

    So I'm currently 72 and I was wondering if anyone had a best in slot type item list for a Haruspex, would love a dream-sheet list of what I need to keep my eyes peeled for !!!

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    Head:Tracker's Hood.
    Torso:Veteran's of xxx green item for its CtAP-enchant with Herakles'Might,socket a piece in it,then the other 2(or the full relic) so it has the +25% Damage bonus.
    Arm: (Hale)SBC of Alacrity(MI,from Gorgons,farm the last MinoLab fountain),enchant with Herakles'Might as above.
    Legs:Athena's Battle Greaves OR Batrachos Greaves(Anouran MI,farm Soronis en Tsakonian Ruins,reccomended)for DA,socket with the same relic as above.
    Weapon:Kthonion Spike(Melinoe MI,high base dps,reccomended,farm ToJ's 4th or 2nd level or Court of Koulores)with as big damage affixes as possible,or just shopfarm a 2-affix spear with damaging affixes,socket both with either Achilles'Valor or Anubis'Wrath if you need it,both with 35% AS completion bonus.
    Shield:Korybantes,Zeno's 3rd Paradox if you need CtAP to be immune to projectiles.
    Bow:any Bramblewood Bow,preferably with damaging affixes(Anouran MI,farm Soronis for it),socket with Achilles'Valor or Artemis'Bowstring with AS completion bonus.
    Ring 1:Apollo's Will
    Ring 2:Apollo's Will
    Amulet:Aphro's Favor or a Sacred Amulet(of the Lynx/Tiger/Immo) with Raptor's Tooth with +%dmg completion bonus.
    Artifact:Knot of Isis for the last bit of CtAP or Blood of Ares for DPS.

    You have +5 skills,huge DPS with either spear or bow,100% CtAP with both setups,very high DA if you buff your Dex a bit,and only AoE atacks can harm you(Dactyls and their wave) and may kill you as this setup kinda lacks resistances

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    I don't think there is any best gear, it depends what you prefer. There are many ways to reach 100% CtAP and 2k DA (if that's what you want), so you can mix any number of items to get it. Each of those items has different focus points and strengths. For example, I usually prefer Ancile to Zeno's if looking for CtAP. Ancile gives the same or more % CtAP as Zeno's but adds OA, DA, Str, -% shield recovery time and +% Damage, which I find more useful than the bonuses on Zeno's.

    You don't even need 100% CtAP. 80% will make you effectively immune to trash mobs and you can cast a Divine Scroll of the Arrow Dancer for boss fights and save yourself a gear slot.

    It also depends on your playstyle. A spear Haru who wants to spam PS and have Call of the Hunt up almost all the time will get more value from Odysseus' Armor, Tracker's Hood and Talisman of the Jade Emperor than from most other items.

    So it's really a case of deciding what is important for you and then tailoring your gear towards that. There is no "one size fits all" loadout for a Haru. Or any other toon for that matter.
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    my setup has 100% ctap,~2000 DA with a decent dex amount and deals uber dps,however it has low resistances,thats where 100% Ctap and huge DA come into play

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    My setup has over 2k DA and about 80% CtAP and doesn't use Zeno's, Knot of Isis, Vet's armour or Batrachos Greaves. With 80% CtAP, I take no damage from archers or mages. If I feel that the boss can damage me with projectiles, I can swap out some gear to get 100% CtAP or just use a scroll. Like I said, there are many ways to get to 2k DA and 100% CtAP. maul's original Vet's-Batrachos-Knot of Isis-Zeno's item listing is far from the only way.

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    yeap Ancile is better,didn't look for it :P but no resistances=you need CtAP and DA.And none of these items are rare.I had 3 or 4 Knots of Isis drop on my 60 Harb,in normal xmax playthrough(in epic act 4)And yea,it may not be the only setup,but that was what I made up while taking a break from playing TQIT. And it's the easiest way to have a good Haru;you may also go for the standard Warfare build,but with spear,shield and bow instead of DW clubs.And the spear/bow are,and you gotta admit,simply the best,while Ancile prolly is the best.Or Aionios if you don't go for 100% CtAP.

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    Yeah, a good Bramblewood or Khthonion Spike is as good as you'll get in the game.

    Haruspex was an odd toon for me. When I first read maul's idea of the Immortal Haruspex, I rushed out excitedly to make one, twinked myself Zeno's and Knot of Isis and whatnot to achieve it - and found it terribly boring to play. So I got rid of all that stuff (mid-Epic) and went back to playing a Mortal Haruspex.

    Then, as the toon got into late Epic and early Legendary and found better and better items, I found it increasingly difficult to equip it so that it wasn't Immortal. Almost any good items you add push it irrevocably towards the 2k DA/100% CtAP mark. And I didn't need the gear that maul listed either. When I first set out to make the build, I thought I'd have to farm for ages to find Batrachos Greaves. I'm not even wearing any uber +DA gear, let alone BG, and my DA has soared to over 2k easily.

    At that point, I realised that if the toon was going to make itself Immortal anyway, I might as well equip the stuff that I liked and found rather than twinking or trying to farm the stuff on maul's list. And, the more stuff you equip, the more you realise how broad the equipment options are for Haru.

    For torso and helm, for example, you can equip Alex's Cuirass and Helm and, together, they add around 20% CtAP. Along with +2 skills, resistances to Fire, Cold, Lightning, all the Stun resistance you'll ever need, +20% Attack Speed, good flat DA and (important for spear Haru) a boost to OA as well. So Vet's no longer becomes necessary.

    If I don't find the Cuirass, I've found that I can up my DA either by going Juggie's with Guan-Yu's or Vet's with Herakles. So I no longer need to farm for a Vet's with good +% DA and +% CtAP figures. If I get lousy Vet's but a Juggie's with +28% Damage, I can equip that instead. My DA is still good.

    One doesn't even need Zeno's or Ancile. In the absence of those, a Herculean of Supremacy/Immortality/the Winds/whatever, socketed with Hector, again gives boosts to CtAP and DA. Or Soldier's Unyielding Will. Or a dual affix Outrider's Buckler. Or SBC of Guile for the CtAP. The number of potential gear choices just goes up and up and up.

    Even the 2X Apollo's is a guide I rarely follow. Every archer build since the dawn of time has insisted that 2X Apollo's is "essential". I found the required two Apollo's Wills with my bow Brig and equipped them eagerly, waiting to see what all the fuss was about. And yeah, she kills marginally quicker with them. But not OMGWTFLOLZOR quicker. The problem is that her Str and Health plummet and she has to take blue pots every couple of minutes when using dual Apollo's. So I ended up switching back to twin Hale of Power rings, one socketed with Spectral Matter, the other with MKT. With those, her Energy pool is boosted to over 900, which lasts even a Brig a good long time. It was a bit deflating eventually farming two of these uber-godly rings - and then ending up not using them in favour of plain old socketed greens, heh.

    Many might prefer to kill quicker and to gulp blue pots all the time. I prefer fractionally slower killing and never having to worry about energy. So again, it comes down to preferences and equipping the toon accordingly.

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    Thing is,it has Scatter Shot go to godly levels
    And I don't do any immortal build,I was just giving an opinion on the best gear in terms of DPS,with maxed CtAP and immortal-like DA;however,going something like Ranger has you think abt survivability a bit more.

    Talking of rings,try 2 Hales of the Owl with 2x Dyonisus'Wineskin or 2x Ankh of Isis too much HP is overkill IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irma2 View Post
    Many might prefer to kill quicker and to gulp blue pots all the time. I prefer fractionally slower killing and never having to worry about energy. So again, it comes down to preferences and equipping the toon accordingly.

    On a brigand, yes, but on a haruspex I prefer Apollo`s will. You get alot of energy from the dream mastery alone and ToC will give you nice energy regen as well.

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