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Thread: Is this the rarest MI of all?

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    Found a Grim Sprig today with my diviner, on normal. Can't use it, but will keep it just because.


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    I've had several Sprigs, but still waiting for Epic/Legendary Stonebinder's Cuffs. And Batrachos Greaves? Never seen a pair yet (TQIT started early 2008 and played continuously since then)! Did pick up a Summor's Rod the other day though, which I hadn't seen before and then, lo and behold, I went an got another one about 5 minutes later. Very nice for the Conjurer I've recently started. Wasn't farming either.

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    In my opinion, nothing is more rare than the MI bracers dropped by Yerren heroes!! They cut beasts damage by 60%, or by 95% if the suffix "Of the glade" appears (like mine, found after TWO YEARS of farming)!!!!!
    DRAEZIEL and ELFE are my personal gods!!!! ^_^ Thanks for the un-dispellable databases that you created for me, guys!!!! ^_^ You are REAL FRIENDS :) :*

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    Found some Legendary SB cuffs the other day, but they have no IAS so I can't use them *cry*. With my build, if I'm not hitting at 160% or better, then I start dying quickly, and my yellow bracers give 40%! (Out of 174% total)

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    What about the +3 skills?

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    finally found the apparently elusive Bramblewood Bow and the apparently common Mbuti's Advocate today within about 20 seconds of each other. dropped from the same group of frogmen in one small camp. and yeah, the bow sucked i can't even use it. butt damage.

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    Just yesterday, my combination Defender/Spellbinder found a Mbuti's Advocate, a Folg, and 2 "of The Glade"s in one session, on NORMAL. Maybe there is something to that thing about certain character types finding more than others?

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    Idk bout you guys but I find TONS of "of the Glade" on caster frickin annoying -_-

    On a more braggy note, found my first pair of leg. SBCs today, with some nice IAS and resists on em If only my haru's dex was a little higher, he just dinged 34 too XD

    I'd have to guess and say the rarest (or maybe best?) would be a chest MI with Juggernaut (or if theres a better affix) prefix paired with whatever the "best" suffix is (since I'm new to TQ I'm sure I'm not aware of stuff thats better than say "of the Glade").

    Similarly, I'm having a helluva time trying to shopfarm good pet jewelry/staves. I guess the "best" thing I've found so far was a Summoner's Necklace of Convocation. Unfortunately my druids only in a3n so it doesn't really help my a1L ritualist that farmed it...

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    Speaking of pet items, the rarest (and most powerful) is the Black Pearl ring with "Ritualist's" and " of Convocation" (Black Pearl rings share the same mods as amulets). Black Pearl rings/pendants and Jade Rings are very similar to MI's, except they're much rarer and they don't drop off specific monsters.
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    Imagine getting three ...of Convocation jewelry items. Pets would be kinda tough to kill.

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