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Thread: Defense/Earth?

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    Curious if this can work or if there is another name for this build... Battle Mage?

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    It's called Juggernaut and yes it can work but is not so easy.As a hybrid you have the problem of where to put the attributes.

    You could play it as a normal Defender + Heat Shield + stun from VO + Eruption + EE/Brimstone maybe. Thats up to you.

    If you are new to the game that toon would be too risky, as long as you don't mind some deaths here and there it can be loads of fun.

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    Battlemage is Earth/Warfare combination, Juggernaut Earth/Defense. Both of these would usually be played as a melee character using some of Earth's skills to augment the other mastery as neither Warfare or Defense would work well as a secondary mastery to Earth. They both really need to be main mastery to gain benefits from their classes.

    As LMunhoz says not easy being a hybrid character so if you're new to the game I'd suggest trying a straight melee or caster character a few times to get a feel of how the game works and the differences needed to play different types. Then tackle a hybrid once you know more.

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