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Thread: good damage for a level 65 haruspex?

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    good damage for a level 65 haruspex?

    I've beaten the game with nearly every type of character, and was wondering, what would good damage be considered for my lv. 65 haruspex? Currently I'm at a little over 12k dps and would love to be able to get over 20... but that seems a little high. My armor is this
    Helm- hale stygian great helm with incarnation of hercule smight
    Necklace- myrmidons pendant
    ring' 2 apollo's will
    body- great khans hunting harness
    weapon- kthlonian spike of havoc with achilles valor
    shield' ajax bronze tower
    artifact symbol of the polymath
    greaves- athenas battle greaves
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    apollos will is not doing much AFAIK with a sword. I might try some hale rings or an adroit loop. Or a ring with resists if you need. Not familiar with all the rest. What +skills do you have? You definitely need +4. Stonebinder cuffs; do you got those? Veteran's nonspike with another affix is probably better.

    Oops never mind the comments on apollos I was thinking razor. The dps lies, why aren't you wielding clubs and weapon training. Sapros. Dual wield.
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    you did read the name Haruspex right? That means hunter, i think you were thinking harbinger. if my haruspex used a sapros he would only do like 3k would fail

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    Yeah I got mixed up. I do think a veteran's spear might be better. Some of your items such as the greaves and helm are good but not optimal. I don't twink so I understand, and you have awesome damage. My illusionist which was the character I played the most had 2k without wolves and envenom, but more defensive and a caster = hard boss fights.
    Underlord Mod characters (untwinked) [class level: Difficulty (N,E,L)]: Marauder 65 (L), Bonecharmer 21 (N), Conqueror 32 (N)

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    surprisingly a veterans spear makes my dps go down. i think the best item would be one with a prefix and an affix, like relentless weapon of reckless power. my harbinger has a phonoi like that. its pretty great.

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