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Thread: Changing difficulty levels

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    Question Changing difficulty levels

    Searched but couldn't find info I need.

    Installed TQ Gold. Played TQ till level 20 at Normal.

    Went to Main Menu and clicked the TQ..Immortal Throne. Managed to get my character to Import. Game loaded and began exactly like TQ, with the all the new merchants etc. So, what's my issue.....

    I want to play the game at the Epic level, and I don't mind starting over. Even if I have to plow through TQ before I can play TQIT.

    I tried to create a new character in the TQ..IThrone "create screen" under both "play custom quest" and the "regular game" tab, but can't get the "Start" button to light up. It shows my imported character, gear and all, but all I continue to get is the Create Character window. I can delete, or create. I've tried to change names and create a new character. It works, but only at Normal level.

    Possibly this is because I didn't finish TQ before messing with the "importing" feature of TQIT...

    But, what's preventing me from starting from scratch, in TQ if necessary, with a new character, at the Epic level.

    I've downloaded the Manual but there's no info regarding this. I can only assume I've got to finish the original TQ at Normal, before I can do anything else, but, I couldn't find it stated anywhere. In the Manual or Read me, or Posts....

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    you need to beet normal before a character can go to epic, so eac chracter MUST beet normal before they ca move on to epic, and after they beet epic they can go to legendary.

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    Thank I can go wipe out the bad guys. Normal's pretty easy. Maybe Epic's a better challange..Thanks again.

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