i dont know if the balace patch is still alive, but i would like to bring up the point of balancing potions. IMO potions are way to abusable to make a character invincible, and/or have infinite energy. So a couple ideas
Underlord and Paths increase potion cooldown, but i dont think that is the solution. Though a change from the normal recharge would help
How about (health) potions have side effects like the rest skill in underlord. This would help them be unable to abuse
limit the amount of potions you can buy from a merchant at a time. Make it so they only have 1 at a time. Limiting how many potions a person can acsess would make them less abusable.
No potion stacking. Thi would impose another limit. Though this could be defied by defiler mods, IMO it is unrealistic to be able to stack potions, and as a said before, limitng the amount of potions would reduce abusablity.
I dont know if these have been implemented and/or the team already has ideas for balancing potions. I just though i would make some suggestions