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Thread: [Release] Uber for Underlord 1.52

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    [Release] Uber for Underlord 1.52

    4/10/11 - wulf0420 has updated Uberlord with the following fixes:

    Quote Originally Posted by wulf0420 View Post



    What's new in this version:

    - Most quest-related heroes/champions spawn 6x (Bloated One, Bone Scourge, etc.).
    - Blood Cave High Priest mini-boss and Aegobolus spawn 6x
    - Scroll pets (breaking wheel, storm witch, etc) now have more health, resistances, and do more damage. To encourage scroll usage.
    - Starting out weapon is now a bow
    - Pet bonuses now a bit more interesting (in Uber-orbs only)
    - Boars and Satyrs for the first quest (Rescue the Horse) now give a bit more exps.
    - A surprise at Tegea, starting in Epic...

    As always, back-up your character files.
    ------------------------- OLD --------------------------------------

    3/8/11 - wulf0420 has updated Uberlord with the following fixes:

    Quote Originally Posted by wulf0420 View Post
    A small update to the Uberlord mod...

    - Leinth now spawns 6x (6x the hotness, she's such a hottie!)
    - Stygian Shade feaster (Stygian Lurker) now spawns 6x
    - Keepers of Venom, Pyro, Frost, Soul stones now each spawn 6x
    - Hades' orb now spawn Uberloot (wasn't before)
    - All orbs should now drop some relics (orbs previously pointing to non-existant relic tables)
    - Vitality staves added to orbs' spawn list
    - New Underlord prefixes added (new affix table added) ... less rare as difficulty increases
    - New Underlord suffixes added ... less rare as difficulty increases
    - Leinth orb now spawns Uberloot
    - Act III 3 Sisters Quest appears to be working
    - Ritual removed from Uberloot, replaced with +2 skills to Dream, or +energy
    - ... of Trickery suffix in Uberloot

    Less Uber:

    More Uber:

    Working files:

    Much thanks go out to Protagonist for merging Uber and Underlord together. He did the bulk of the work, I just tweak a few things here and there.

    Let me know if there's anything out of whack. Also include the working files if anyone wants to poke around.

    Remember to back up your save data. If anything explodes, don't say I didn't warn you.
    Many thanks to wulf0420 for doing this, he fixed a ton of the things I had no clue how to do.

    ------------------------- OLD --------------------------------------

    So I took another stab at it and managed to merge Uber with version 1.52 of Underlord. This is my first project with the Art Manager so please be kind. I did a bit of testing, but haven't run through the entire game. Let me know if you find any errors with the merge.

    These two versions are based off the ones that Spatiation made for earlier versions of Underlord.

    One change from normal Underlord 1.52 is to the Earth Mastery tertiary stat. The -24% to requirements that Earth received was brokensauce when combined with the global -22% from Uber. Earth's new stat is +10% Health at mastery level 40. Thought this kept the theme of earth being the tanky caster class that Munderbunny was going for.

    Less Uber
    • 6 second potion cooldown
    • reduced death penalty
    • 100 potion stack limit

    More Uber
    • 16 second potion cooldown
    • Standard Uber death penalty
    • 100 potion stack limit

    To install: Extract, then in your TQ:IT directory move less-uber.arz or more-uber.arz file into the Database folder and rename to databse.arz and the text_EN.arc file into the resource folder.

    Make Backups, I make no guarantee that this will work!
    Last edited by Protagonist; 04-10-2011 at 09:52 AM.

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    Delayomancer Munderbunny's Avatar
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    You should undo that potion stack limit. It will lag the game hard. Anything over 300 of each, causes massive performance issues.

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    Gotcha, I'll do that tonight. If someone wants lots of potions they can just use defiler.

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    Delayomancer Munderbunny's Avatar
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    btw: good work. Hopefully you get some testers to find some bugs for you.

    Also, the secret-secret place monster, Numberouane is not actually a credit. Modders are free to rename that monster to sign their work.

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    The damage part is working out so far (monsters do more damage than regular Underlord).

    So far so good, will test out the loot drop for Telkine Numero Uno tonight.

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    Me and the GF are downloading it right now. We'll make sure to test everything we can.
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    Updated Less Uber version to remove 500 potion stack limit. Both versions now have 100 potion stack limit.

    No real need to re-download if you've already got it, just know that you can't blame me if your computer chokes and dies because you are carrying more potions than you could ever use.

    If you feel that 100 potions isn't even close to enough, use Defiler to make your stack limit infinite.

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    The Gamefront download link seems to be down, could someone put up an alternative download link?

    Edit: Nevermind, got it.
    Last edited by wulf0420; 02-18-2011 at 06:11 PM.

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    What is a standard uber death penalty?

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    tried the mod but when there are already 50 monsters near the hors outside of helos .... it gets a little ... well ... frustrating for me

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