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Thread: [ELEMENTALIST] Cartouche Ring

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    Thumbs up [ELEMENTALIST] Cartouche Ring

    You want to have a highly overpowered magician ?

    You want a cheated character ?

    You want a 298 % Cast Speed, 20 % Cooldown, Element Resistant Skill Spammer ?
    Hell Yeah Dude !!!

    First you need to find 2 Cartouche Rings, these rings give...

    12% Fire Resistance
    13% Cold Resistance
    +17% Elemental Damage
    +39 Energy
    +17% Energy Regeneration
    +94% Casting Speed
    -10% Energy Cost

    And A required level of 15, they can be found in normal, epic and legendary in acts 2, 3 and 4.

    You will also first need to have an elementalist (earth + storm), my strategy is to max out buffs in act 1, skip core dweller (makes me sad , but somethings you have to sacrifice unless you can spare points). In act 2 and 3 usually I try to get the fireball, and the "chain" lightning and just give a bit here a bit there.

    Ill be posting a nice little video of it later and thanks for reading,

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    just found one for my ice shard prophet...

    with 300 cast speed i'm just obliterate enemies

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    you know it doesnt lower cooldown, only energy cost.

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    haha gl man and yeah i know :P sry for that

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    Cartouche Ring is only found in Normal Act II.

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    @ Irma2
    Found my two in the snow mountains

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