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Thread: Revenant - what do you think of this class?

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    Revenant - what do you think of this class?

    I have most experience with Conqueror (playing one in max heroic Lilith atm - with Underlords skill system that is). I wonder about revenant however. How does he fare in comparison? I guess his survivability at act III-IV must be total garbage, seeing that a conq with maxed adrenaline (when it still counts) and many viny growths getting about 300 Health regen per second gets his butt handed to him at late act III and IV normal difficulty (aka the hardest part of the game - especially for melee toons :E). However, he does have stronger lifesteal at the endgame (and doesn't need Sapros for this) which might as well make a difference. Not to mention the bosskilling speed with Outsider.

    Also, what build do you suggest? i've been thinking about (for normal difficulty so far)
    Early levels: max skeletons and coresponding skills
    Delphi: reskill to aura, max it (the one that gives bleeding damage). Go for necrosis. This proves to be the "I win" button for acts I-II except undead creatures (which are unfortunately plenty) as it kills everything around rather fast, making farming those hordes of weaklings much faster.
    Once necrosis maxed: Take advantage of the new +mana regen for Spirit mastery and the mana drain from your bleeddamage aura- max war dance, making it the prime killer with its low cd and massive bleeding damage amplified by necrosis

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    My highest level toon is a 50-something revenant. I started out in warfare and invested heavily into onslaught and dual wield trees. Then warwind. After that I began to invest heavily into insidious miasma for the -% to resistances. Grabbed 2 weapons with +% to life leech, a bloodstone ring, and some other lifesteal and regen enhancing gear. I am in Asia and have little trouble surviving even the toughest of battles as long as I keep hitting lots of monsters. If I try to run I die very quickly to certain high dps groups. I just got the liche king and atm he seems like a complete waste of skill points but I am determined to stick with him for the time being. I am also shooting for acid rain, outsider and deathward.
    Overall the build is quite refreshing and death-defying. It gives you as sense of urgency in killing, since if you don't kill fast enough you may die.

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    Lots of summons and battle standard is also a viable option but I am not a fan of letting my pets do all the killing since they could never be as good at it as I am.

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    Made to level 12 so far, the skeletons are awesome. Level 16 skeletons just trample those low-level monsters so fast you can't even manage to keep the bodycount And with a few ranks of relentless evil they regenerate health smoothly.

    Guess I won't reskill them at delphi, since they will most likely still be effective there.

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    Make sure to make use of the battle standard!

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    And warhorn, Skeletons just love taking out stunned defenceless enemies.

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    Made it to level 32, Normal Silk Road.

    Well, as usual, melee dude starts having problems here, even though I have a combined lifesteal of 22% and necrosis maxed, it's usually not enough damage (yet) to make me immortal. Normal difficulty should be named hell (for melee chars). Yeah, when I reach dragonians, it will be like: buy 500 pots, kill dragonian group, drink potion, wait, drink potion, wait, repeat. Boring and annoying, but a melee untwinked guy can do shit, really. And don't even make me started about act IV

    I also gave the new Druid a try. I'm guessing the Squall nerf hit the class really hard, as Squall made storm mastery after all, being able to kill things with ease up to legendary, but I'll give it a try anyway. Right now I repeated the summon trick and I'm happy, early game Wolves kick ass like skeletons, well maybe a bit slower, but they survive everything so far and I have heal, so it's way easier not to resummon them every 20 seconds.

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    Another little update. Finished act III. Dragonians were ofc hell, but mainly Frost Scourge types, I did well against casters because they take 2 attacks to use their four balls of imbalance spell, enough time to run next to them and smash their heads to the next town with War Dance. Frost Scourge however... yeah. Pain. Took me 3 mins to mow down a big group and as usual, it was like: run in with full health, wardance once and run as fast as you can praying to survive. Rinse repeat.

    Well, that was just a prelude to machaes, but still.

    and druid definitively doesn't suck and doesn't feel nerfed. I tried new Squall, it's awesome. I actually think the whole mastery was buffed by that rework (and lower cost of ice shard).

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