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Thread: Can't Install IT

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    Can't Install IT

    Yea hi Just bought this game last night from D2D. I bought the gold edition. TQ installs fine and all, i was even playing it SO i downloaded my copy of IT, and went to install it. Only one problem. THey gave me an activation key, but NO cd key for IT I have already posted a support ticket at D2D, but im wondering if anyone else has any ideas why i only have an activation key and no CD key? Thanks


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    Did you try the activation key for IT?

    If that didn't work, it's just an error on their part. That's all.
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    What do you mean? the activation key is the one thats more then 4 numbers/letters per dash. And yes, even though its alot onger, i have tried the activation code. I just posted a support ticket abour an hour before i posted this thread, and ive yet to get a response. Im hopeing they have an answer for me, because i dont want to have to hunt for a cd key. With my luck, i would find one that wont let me play online

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