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    “The scythe!” godly whisper echoed in the man’s ears. “Break the scythe!”

    “Persephone?” he whispered back, confused by everything that was happening: his hand’s felt like they were burning, and now he could hear voices in his head. But all of it made sense – his whole meaningless life, the time he had spent improving, perfecting, it all started making sense. “All of this is supposed to happen” he thought.

    He sprinted forward, towards the rouge god, and threw his sword. It span in the air and hit the scythe where the blade and the handle connect, and broke it. Hades’ roar bounced off the thick, cold walls of the room. He turned around, towards the man, leaving the helpless heroine to lay broken on the ground.

    “You!” His voice became deep, distant - rippling in the man’s mind. “Do you realize what you’ve done, you dog!?” Slowly, Hades walked towards the man, his each step heavier than the previous. The room shock and crumbled, the pillars that remained started cracking. He stopped in front of the man, towering over him. His perfect, eternally young, godly body was two times bigger and much stronger. Without a word, Hades swinged his arm with intention to hit the man over the head and shoulder and break his neck.

    His whole body screamed dodge!”, but he didn’t – he couldn’t. Instead, he brought both his arms up to block the swing. Their forehands collided and sharp pain sprung through his arm and shoulder as he flew to the side. He hit the wall with his back and heard both his back and the wall crack and break. For a moment, he lay there, helpless like the heroine, but then the broken bones started burning much like his arms. He could feel it, and see it, somehow – the light of the fallen soldiers had filled his blood. It made him stronger, and took care of him. It repaired his broken bones and removed all doubt from his mind: he is stronger than Hades.

    The man jumped back up on his legs and screamed at the god, challenging him. Hades was surprised with his strength and power of will, it filled him with a terrible feeling he was unfamiliar with – fear. He hated it, he wished he could grab this new feeling with his hand and just crush it with all his might, but he couldn’t.

    The roles changed, and now the man walked slowly towards the god. His body illuminated the room, brighter and brighter. The broken heroine covered her eyes as the man got closer. He stood right in front of the god, looking up into his dark, traitor eyes, filling him with crippling fear.

    Hades hated this even more; he felt tiny, helpless – it was maddening. He thought if the man was only to touch him, he’d go insane and burst into pieces. He didn’t dare hit him again, but the man wouldn’t hit him either. He just watched.

    The man’s face was stiff; the muscles of his jaw and neck were showing. Not because of anger or exhaustion, but because of his determination. He knew he could make the god explode, he knew the god feared him and hated him. And so it was –

    Hades put his hand on his head, squeezing it, holding it together while he screamed in pain. He leaned forward and backwards, from one side to the other, struggling not to fall over as every piece of his skin tightened and stretched. “This can’t be happening!” he yelled - but it was. Moments later he exploded, but instead of a mutilated mess, he left behind nothing. His body parts and organs dissolved when the light touched them, and disappeared into the stench of his palace.

    “It’s not over...” the man thought to himself.

    A sinister laugh started filling the room: first in front of him, then behind him, then it seemed as it came from the corner of the room, high above him. “Oh, no its not!” Hades squealed, still laughing madly.

    The man felt doubt again, this isn’t what he expected. He still felt stronger, but he couldn’t see him. What was he supposed to do?

    On the other side of the room, the heroine knew exactly what was going on. She could see a black and red shades flying around the room, circling the man. Most of them were disoriented souls that Hades had devoured, but one knew where it was and what to do. It started pushing the man and throwing him around. He bounced off the walls and the floor. The light healed him, he would get back on his feet and the shade would pick him up and smash him against something again, and again, and again. She had to do something.

    Struggling hard just to see clearly, she crawled towards her blades, leaving a trail of blood and guts behind her. She stretched towards the swords, but they were just out of the reach. She tried harder, stretched her hand further, but she couldn’t reach them, and now the cuts on her stomach opened even more and she felt completely defeated.

    Overtaken by pain, both physical and spiritual, she let out a bloody tear from her healthy eye. It rolled down her cheek to the chin. Another tear followed, and then another. Her face was still without expression, shocked by the horrors that had happened to her, until she felt a gentle hand on her cheek. She looked up and around, but no one was there, still, she could feel someone holding her.

    “Get up.” A gentle voice asked and she was given new strength. She got up on her legs and with a few unsure steps made it to her swords. She grabbed the handles tightly and turned towards the man. The Hades’ shade held him up in the air, their backs turned to the heroine. It held him by the neck, strangling him.

    She closed her eyes and disappeared into the purple void. Immediately after, she ran towards Hades, leaning as much as he could on her right, unbroken leg. When she was close enough, again with her healthy leg, she jumped up and at Hades and thrusted both her blades in the back of his neck. Without a sound, the shade dissipated into the air.

    The man fell down, next to her. He could feel the light, the power, leaving his body. He turned his head to the left and saw the heroine. Laying next to him, facing down, with her head turned towards him, she reached with her hand. He was scared, they both were, so he took her hand and held it.

    Once, long ago, he saw a powerful warrior: a woman with strong body, bright look and pure intentions. And he even saw beyond that – he saw a beautiful, curious girl. But he was distracted with his thirst for power, he had almost forgot. Now, it saddened him to look at her. A deep cut stretched from her forehead over her left eye, and her right eye was completely purple; he wasn’t even sure she could see. Blood flowed under her and away, through the cracks in the floor. Her left leg was twisted and broken and both her arms were covered in cuts as she tried to protect herself from the scythe. She was destroyed, but he still found her beautiful. He wanted to say how everything would be alright, but he couldn’t lie to her or himself. He wished things could be different.

    The remaining of his strength was leaving his body. Still holding on to her, not even sure if she’s still breathing, he turned towards the ceiling of the palace. The light that once was a part of him danced around the room, and then finally settled at the top. Like a little star, it started turning around, faster and faster, as it filled the room with light. It was too bright to look, so he closed his eye, feeling rested and calm. He couldn’t breathe anymore, “This is my final breath” he thought as his body went numb. As his hearth pumped the blood with its last beat, he felt something grab him under the shoulders and pull him, but it was too late to acknowledge it – it was over.
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    it's gathering dust, alas...

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    The Oracle roamed the forest looking for food. She was still at the camp outside Epirus, along the path of shades, where the heroine had left her. Still barefoot and in the same, clean and thin silk veil. The words he spoke to the heroine still echoed her mind:
    There is hope for this world; there is hope for gods, but not for you. The anger will consume you and you need to make the most of what’s left. Indeed, you are the one to turn the tables once again, but only if you can suppress your feelings long enough. You must travel to Epirus, enter the Hades’ domain and stop him.”

    It was late summer - a gentle breeze filled the forest, but it was still warm and pleasant. She felt particularly good this morning as she ran around collecting all sorts of fruit and wild strawberries. ”We need twice as much today!” she yelled joyfully. When she decided that she had collected enough fruit to fill her bag, she ran towards the cold spring to bring back water. She was impatient as the weak stream of fresh water filled the clay cup in her hands. She couldn’t wait to go back to the camp.

    Finally!” she giggled and ran back.

    Back at her camp, around the remnants of a fire, covered in hides, lay the man and the woman. She sneaked closer, careful not to wake them up, and put down the bag with fruit and the cup with water. Then she sat in-between them, put her hands around her knees, leaned her head forward, and waited.

    A few hours later the man woke up. He took a deep sudden breath and put both his hand on his chest. “It’s beating.” he said and took a look around him.
    I’m alive?”
    “Of course you’re alive, silly!” the oracle replied as she brought him the water.
    “But, I... How?”
    She wouldn’t reply. She handed him the water and helped him drink, then brought him the fruit.
    Here. Eat it all, I’ll bring some more for her.”
    The man pushed the bag with fruit away and leaned towards the women that lay next to him. He still couldn’t stand up. She was covered in scars that the oracle had just started treating, but her skin wasn’t as pale as the last time.
    Will she be alright?” he asked.
    I think so.” the oracle answered. “Now eat your food” she handed him the fruit again. He took the bag and put it in front of him, and then started eating. The oracle watched him without a word for a while, and then stood up and turned towards the forest.

    Where are you going?” he asked.
    I told you. I’m going to get more fruit. She needs to eat as well.” the girl replied, smiling, and went away.


    Just a bit after the oracle had left, the woman woke up. The man got to her, feeling better after he had drank and ate, and held her as she coughed. She spat blood in his lap, and although worried about her, he was glad that she was alive. She was disoriented and he didn’t know what to do, so he yelled, calling the girl back.

    She came back quickly, empty handed. “Is she awake?” she asked, and without an answer she kneeled beside them and hugged them. “Don’t worry” something whispered in the man’s ear, much like it did while he was down under. Startled, he jumped away from them.

    Did you hear that?”
    The oracle looked at him and smiled as her eyes briefly became green and then blue again.
    She’ll be just fine.” she claimed and turned towards the woman. Then she leaned forward and kissed her in the forehead. Grass started growing and flowers blossomed around the woman, while all her wounds and scares slowly disappeared and she was once more the mighty hero of Greece the man had met on top of Olymp.

    It was you?” the man was dazzled. The girl decided not to play anymore; she stood up and simply turned back into her true self – Persephone.
    You led me through everything.”
    “And her.” she interrupted.
    She’s alive... We’re alive! You’ve saved us!”
    The goddess smiled at him and the forest behind her became denser. The old leaves became green once again and the young trees grew taller.

    The woman was still unaware of everything, so Persephone decided to speak to him.
    I did my best to protect you both. I’m sorry for hurting you, and I’m sorry for keeping you imprisoned for so long. I had nowhere else to hide you from Hades.”
    The man interrupted with a burning question:
    I felt someone pulling me out. Was it you?”
    “Who else?” she was charmed by his confusion, mortals always snap out of it slowly.
    I have to go, take care of her...”
    “Just promise me you will take care of the weak and become a true hero, like she is.”
    “But I don’t understand. I want to know...”
    “Promise me.” the goddess requested.
    I promise.”
    “Thank you. Thank you for everything.” she said as her feet turned into roots and anchored into the ground. Then her legs, torso and hands turned into a tree. Her hair grew and formed branches and leaves. Instead of a goddess, in front of him stood a beautiful oak tree, hiding them from the oncoming scourge of the sun. She was gone.


    The woman slept for hours after all this, and he didn’t dare wake her up. Not because she was weak, but because he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to let her know that he will take care of her, and that she can take care of him, but he wasn’t sure how she would react. How could some sudden realization such as this one make him so uncertain?

    All the battles, the training, the monsters – none of it had prepared him for this, for what life truly is. His body may have been strong and fast, but his heart was overwhelmed by what he felt. For the first time in his life, he felt victorious and in love. Much like fear had made Hades burst, the man felt he could burst too.

    Later, the man would realize how he felt, happy.
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    This last chapter felt a bit dodgy, I admit. But I've decided to end it this way - doesn't matter if its cheesy or naive or whatever else. I like it .

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    This is wonderful, Alek! Very tense and exciting, and very touching as well. I'm so glad you were able to finish this tale. It was great to see the hero and heroine and the Oracle once more and discover how everything turned out in the end. You've obviously got a special touch when it comes to writing. This was well worth the wait. And I hope this is merely the beginning of what you may accomplish with your writing. As they say, the sky's the limit... (tips cap)

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    Welll I ove a lot of it to you >_>

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    Regards to Venn for another feature! Thanks a bunch buddy! I'm so glad you still write the newsletter by the way!

    I am polishing this out, so maybe, if someone reads it in the future, they'll have a nicer version

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    Thanks for sharing the links its easier to read!

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