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Thread: Bug Reports for Underlord 1.52

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    I believe if it triggers and kills the first monster it will stop the animation. Don't know where I read it, so I'm not sure...

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    I dont care about animation I want to know whether the skill works (more damage)


    I check it and that skill works without animation so its not bad
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    guys anyone knows how i can play the underlord whitout xmax?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkona View Post
    ... underlord whitout xmax?
    UL isn't xmax?! UL is only X2 (X3) again Vanilla-TQ

    For Xmax you must load a update, see under Mods, Utilities, Translations.
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    Armament of Gaul unlock code 437626

    Marcomer's Shield has lost file item

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    I can't post new topics, so I'll have to ask my question here. I recently made a Hoplite (Defense and Hunting) and what I have noticed is this - I can't hot key the Eviscerate skill. What I am curious about is if this is by design or a bug. I know in the vanilla version of TQ, I could slot it on my bar. The odd thing to me is, when I mouse over the Eviscerate skill, it shows all the details about it, and in those details it does not show a cool down, which means to me it shouldn't be a hot-key-able skill. However, at the same time it shows what the energy cost is for its use. So, I'm a bit confused. Does this skill just work passively or SHOULD there be the ability added to hot key it and use it at will?

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    eviscerate is a modifier for the take-down skill.

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    Ok, thanks. Just odd that the skill lists an energy required amount...that usually means it should be a manual use skill

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