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    What's the best way to experiment with new masteries without having to level a character all the way up manually? Suppose I want to drop a character off at the beginning of Epic at level 32 with a ton of cash and all the quest bonuses already earned. What's the best way to do this?

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    mmm id say tq defiler, it is a hack program that u can use to change lvls, skill points money etc just google it

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    Defiler could do it but couldn't add quest rewards unless they are +skill or attribut points which you could add manually. I also beleive their is a program called TQ mercury or something which does it but i haven't used it.
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    Does defiler handle custom masteries without trouble? It's probably fine to just heap on skill/attribute points and spend them in-game, but I'm not sure whether the program will actually work this way.

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