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Thread: Melee Diviner with Life Drain

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    cheers Irma2

    have to say this has been an interesting toon to in epic greece.....twinked a bit from no higher than epic egypt.

    dps shows as about 1100, but crits can show between 350 - 700 (weapon damage i assume) Vitality and Electrical burn damage seems way higher than any physical damage is being done.

    was lucky like a previous poster to find lithe SBC+2.....but a lot of juggling between +skills. -%requirements and +%experience

    furys heartblood, soul shiver seem to help loads

    as i progress ill drop the +exp items for more "robust" items but can see the -%requirements getting juggled to the end
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    hehe at some point i had to equip pythias vestment to equip somatophylakes to equip rhesus whitwashed armor....but it worked

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    Yeah, I had much the same thing. I forgot how much Dex +2 SBC required. When I found the gloves from the Gorgon sisters, I looked at the Dex requirement and went "Whoa, these need HOW much Dex?!" It took me a LOT of juggling (hence the Stately helm, and the shield with +% Dex as well as -% requirements) to finally equip them.

    It's definitely a build that needs a lot of planning. And even then, it doesn't always work out like you thought. I worked out that I would need 300 Str for end game gear, if I found the right -% requirements items. Well, I'm above that already. Yet I somehow get the feeling that I'm going to need more Str somewhere.

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    so I ran in to a streak of luck and got a ton of purple-quality items, and replaced everything i had and started removing enchantments from sockets to put in my epic gear, and then when it was all said and done, I realized I could not enchant them.


    so anyway, since I have beat the storyline once, I figured, what the heck, I'll use defiler to enchant them.

    but with epic gear just having finished fighting the epic gorgon queens, I have been doing anywhere from 3-5k damage with phantom strike and distort reality. seems a bit high, but i guess thats what happens when you use a trainer tool like defiler.

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    yea.....imo, enchanting purples destroys the gameplay, it makes things faaaar too easy, but to each his own.
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    things have been much easier since i've done that. on the flipside, though, if you have a purple or blue item enchanted, you can't make any artifacts. at least i can't. every time I try to use the arcanist guy *poof* it kicks me out of the game. even if i'm not wearing the items.

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