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Thread: 100 Boss Runs

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    100 Boss Runs

    So I am bored and I have decided to run the bosses 100 times on all difficulties and post the compiled data. Will probably take some time but I will add it as I get it finished. i will include the bosses and the chests near them.

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    I would get more bored by doing that but good luck!

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    Good luck man. And safe travels.

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    First up is Nessus. Here is the data. Sorry if its not lined up right. I am still learning how to use this forum. (Should be lined up better now and be easier to read)
    Nessus 323 Items total
    _________Grey____Yellow____Blue____Green____Relic_ ___Formula
    Totals____182______131______4_______6_______0_____ ____0
    %_______56.36____40.56____1.24_____1.86_____0_____ ____0
    Std Dev___.82______.87______.2______.24______0________ _0

    Chests 1151 Items Total (Used the Majestic and 3 nearby chests)
    _________Grey____Yellow____Blue____Green____Relic_ ___Formula
    Totals_____514_____609______10_______2_______15___ ____1
    %_______44.66____52.19_____.87______.17______1.3__ ____.09
    Items/Run_5.14_____6.09_____.1_______.02______.15______. 01
    Std Dev___1.83_____1.78_____.33______.14______.36_____ _.1

    Here is a list of the blue items I got.
    Oracle's Legging
    Telliam's Will
    Storm Strike
    Augur's Drape
    Raging Bull
    Ephor's Garb
    Brain Cleave x2
    Theban Shield
    Blood Stone
    Oracle's Wreath
    Captian's Shield
    Aegis of Laconia
    Labyrinthine Bracers
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    Just out of curiosity - are you using the RNGfix?

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    I'm not sure what RNGFix is so im not sure if i am using it or not.

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    It is a fix that was made by EJFudd that addresses the programming flaws in the random number generation that exists within TQ. If you intend to do such a loot survey, and have loot fall in the way the programmers intended, you may want to check it out...

    Also in that thread is a great utility for compiling data from drops into a decent little text file called TQSacked... may be good for what you are attempting as well... and if you ever want to contribute your drops from say, the hydra, to our larger study, be sure and let me know...
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    Ok now I know what it is. I don't think I have it. I think I will continue doing it without till I finish my current project and then I think I will do it again with the fix and I will compare them. Should get some neat results. Part of the reason I am doing it is because I am in a statistics class and its neat to actually use the stuff I learned lol. Main thing I want to do now is figure out how to display my results better.

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    Here is the data i compiled today. Enjoy
    Polythemus 100 Items total
    _________Grey____Yellow____Blue____Green____Relic_ ____Formula
    Totals_____39______58_______3_______0_______0_____ ____0
    %________39______58_______3_______0_______0_______ ___0
    Std Dev___.49_____.5______.17_______0______0__________ _0
    (note: The std dev for polythemus isnt important in this case since he always dropped one item each time whats really important for him is his percents)

    Chests 1131 Items Total (Used the Majestic and 2-4 nearby chests)
    _________Grey____Yellow____Blue____Green____Relic_ ____Formula
    Totals____509_____567______11_______16______25____ ____3
    %________45_____50.13_____.97_____1.41_____2.21___ ____.27
    Items/Run_5.09____5.67_____.11______.16______.25_______. 03
    Std Dev___1.79_____1.7_____.31______.39______.59______ _.17

    Here is a list of the blue items I got.
    Ephor's Garb
    Companion's Garb
    Oracle Wreath
    Soul Feast
    Oracle Legging
    Oracle Winding
    Archon's Chiton
    Ochetos Staff x3
    Hand Of Kairos x2
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    Just out of curiosity... how are you calculating your standard deviations? What is it deviating from?

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