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Thread: Console Commands

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    Console Commands

    There are some console commands I use that help expedite modding for me, and I thought I'd do a quick write up before I forget.

    Now, I don't know how to work all the console commands. Many don't seem to work, and some I haven't tried. p0a discovered them and posted a full list of them here: The names and descriptions of them there are taken directly from the tqit.exe; p0a never said if he got them to work or not; I just played around with them until I figured some of them out.

    If you know how to work any of these console commands not listed, please say so and I will add them.

    You can open the console with tilde or whatever you bound it too.
    You can only open the console in the custommap mode.
    Commands are not case sensitive.
    You can hit the up arrow to scroll back through previously entered commands.

    Format is:
    command <parameter> - description
    example (if there is a parameter)
    The Commands

    • character.GrantPlayerToken <name of token> - Gives the player the specified token
      character.GrantPlayerToken KilledHades

    • character.ClearPlayerTokens - Remove all tokens from the player.

    • quest.StateDebug - Opens up the debug ui. There will be 3 panes: quest state, tokens, and counters.
      Quest State will list all game quests and their current status. You can open and exand the quests to explore them. Clicking on a quest and hitting the "reset" button will reset the quest entirely. This is handy when testing a step in a quest. I used this a lot to test the Hades Palace entrance.
      Tokens is a list of all tokens on the player. This is also a great way to add and remove tokens.
      Counters is a list of the counters and where they're at.

    • character.ShowAngerLevels <on/off> - This is actually a toggle that just requires any text (doesn't have to be "on" or "off"). When on, red lines are drawn between entities to show aggression direction. This is extremely useful when debugging AI problems, especially when it comes to stationary pets or monsters.
      character.ShowAngerLevels on

    • character.GiveTakeGold <number> - Gives the player the defined amount of gold. If you enter a negative number (-300) it will remove that amount of gold from the player.
      character.GiveTakeGold 9999999

    • game.IncrementLevel
    • game.IncrementAttribute
    • game.IncrementSkill - All of these will increase by 1. So, if you use game.incrementlevel and hit enter, you gain a level. Hit up-arrow and enter, and you gain another level.

    • game.killme - You'll never guess what this does.

    • game.Speed <number> - Increases the game speed by a multiple of the number. Enter 2, and go to double speed. Set to 0.5, and go to half speed. Enter a negative number for party mode. :O Obviously, this makes running around large areas a lot easier.
      game.Speed 3

    • game.Teleport <X Y Z> - Teleports the player to the specified coordinates. If you open your map in the map editor, and go to the camera you can "show coordinates." To see exactly where your camera is at, you can go to the light-layer tool, turn off "view debug lines" under the view menu, and you'll see a little arrow pointing to the ground in the center of the camera. Showing coordinates will show that exact spot. This is extremely useful for testing areas without rebirth fountains.
      game.Teleport 1196 -39 -3988

    Again, if you figure any out that aren't on this list, please say so.

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    Awesome. Will help a lot of people. (:

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    This may be a shared user, but i think the console command is unnacesssable

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