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Thread: ModMerge

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    Post ModMerge

    Download ModMerge

    Download the archive and extract it into a new folder.

    When you run ModMerge for the first time, you have to select the game paths using the buttons at the top. Make sure that there are check marks on all three.
    To combine two mods, you have to select at least a map and one database from the mod list. Mods near the top of the list have higher priority than those at the bottom.
    The last step is to select a name for you new mod and click on the button at the bottom of the window.
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    Where were you 2 years ago?

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    Would I be able to implement Kirii's Diablo UI into Underlord with this? And how would I go about doing it, a wave of
    noobishness comes over me when I started up this thing haha. Did get the game paths set though!

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    You should be able to load the UI on top of a permanently installed Underlord via the custommaps menu.

    If you have them both in the custommaps folder, you can merge them using the following rule of thumb:

    - Take the map from the larger mod/the mod that has an own map (Underlord in this case) and
    - use the databases and assets from both mods, but move the smaller mod to the top of the lists (the UI mod).

    You can name the new mod something like DiabloUIUnderlord and load it using the custommaps menu.

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    anyone tried this one already?? Thank you tamschi for sharing,. ill try this one out and post feedbacks and findings..

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    Titan Quest 2 would be awesome. It's a shame that your amazing tool can't be used as it supposed to be. :/

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    Red face Mod Merge

    tysm for mod awesome!!!

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    I've fixed a bug where ModMerge wouldn't work with mods containing a lowercase maps.arc.

    The new version is in a .zip archive now: Just extract it into a new folder and run ModMerge.exe.

    You can overwrite the old files too, if you want to update an existing installation.

    Edit: This version works with Diablo 2 Immortal, in case anyone tried to merge it with a quest mod earlier
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamschi View Post
    This version works with Diablo 2 Immortal, in case anyone tried to merge it with a quest mod earlier
    ^^ Yes!

    See here ...
    Servus, Erwin

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    » German Thread about TQVault and Lilith Mod ...

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    I just released the source code of ModMerge at
    (Clone the full solution from to get the dependencies.)

    Calling it a complete mess is an understatement because it's downright atrocious, but I think it's better than nothing for now. I plan to clean it up eventually.

    In the meantime please file an issue on the project repository if you have specific questions or something is unclear (which I'm sure will be the case).

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