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Thread: lol at typhon epic drops thus far

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    lol at typhon epic drops thus far

    so far its as follows

    15 runs done on typhon epic

    35 yellows
    3 greens
    1 leagendarys
    1 epic
    20 whites
    135000 ruff estimat

    like wth youd think that the drops off epic typhon would be some what better than normal and more frequent but thus far its the bloody same, and
    another thing why is he so easy to down i dont even need to take out the statues on him in epic either and my highest creature killed is still my dragon lich king lol a mini boss being a higher more powerful creature than the titan itself what a joke.

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    Yeah, really it's really sad. That titan should be the most powerfull being in the game not weaker than telkine/ other epic bosses, just a sack of beans. His melee hits hurt less than Talos, and since i've started Typhoon should have anti-caster techniques too. Afterall it's a Titan but in it's current form it's not.

    Typhon might be suffering from scaling bugs (and so do Telkine's too), so he's abilities are too weak to be any threat at all. What a shame. Even though we weren't always getting the phat loot but the fight should be something to remember. I'd say if Talos and Typhoon had to fight, Talos would win :P.

    edit: Just one more thing, Typhon always gets defeated with full mana. What a Waste of abilities here. he could do so much with it, insane AoE, Self Heals, Lots of summons - i mean a huge army of Undead Sorcerers for example. Massive lightning bolts, whirling war-blades around him that shred us to pieces, and the less health he has the more angry he gets and deals more damage, at 20% he would go totally berserk. Like enrage in WoW, it boosted damage about 200% and attack speed about 100% for Raid Bosses.

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    yeah but if typhon and talos had a fight vs the dragonlich king the dragon would woop them lol, the dragons lvl 63 and hits way harder than both of them, but something needs to be changed about the loot since i did this post a few mins ago ive done 2 more runs and still all im getting is cash whites and a few yellows.

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    Indeed, if the fight would be tougher, with him using the mana bar too with some cool abilities, huge list of things where he could choose what to do. The fight could reward at least 1 (if not more) legendary in epic and few epics in normal that our class could use, in legendary there would be a change to drop godly item.

    Even if not making him tougher, the mini-epic bosses that are way harder than him should reward a good item though. Hydra for example, or that Dragon.

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    Try these Bosses if Typhon is too easy.
    Manticore - Egypt - Cave by Oasis I think - Legendary
    Hydra - Athens Swamp - Swamp before reaching Athens - Legendary

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    The Manticore is in Epic, I know because he killed me in one hit yesterday.

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    Typhon is situationally easy. Vs my caster type ... easy. Typhon on normal vs my conquerer .... not easy at all. I died 10 times first attempt, about 2 times average after that and I haven't even fought him on Epic yet.

    Want him to be tougher? Have Iron Lore bump his resistances up.

    Since this game appears quite moddable I'm betting a nice Ironman mod or one that balances casters out a bit will come out at some point.

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    Manticore is super easy, his melee does nothing and his 1 shotters are incredibly easy to avoid.

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    im starting to get a few legendarys and epics now but im also starting to get more than 1 of the same bloody thing i want a better weapon not more armors and shields , what ive got so far is as follows.

    *Helm of Odysseus (im wearing this now)
    *Blessing of the gods (amulate im wearing)
    *Rogues Headband (epic)
    *Teucers Warbow
    *Shield of the Korybantes (im using)
    *Bone Bracers (im using)
    *Leatherskin Shield X2
    *Bloodthirst the Glutton X3 Protean Armor
    *Crystalline Armor
    *Scourge Wrap
    *Adepts Diadem

    no weapons for me yet " im using oath braker atm.cant remember the name of my epic armor and cant be bothered checking lol

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    Take a quick look at the weapons the Cyclops are holding as you run past them too. On my 29th or so run last night (Epic) I passed one with a shiney blue mace. I killed him and it was a legendary. Not too shabby:

    Demeter's Sorrow
    143-167 Damage
    Speed: Average

    15% Chance of +112% Cold Damage
    22-39 Cold Damage
    17 Reduced Resistance For 2 Seconds
    10% Chance of 3 Seconds of Freeze
    +25 Dexterity
    +20% Attack Speed

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