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Thread: Hello who can make me a custom map?not a hard one.and maybe teach me how to do it too

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    Hello who can make me a custom map?not a hard one.and maybe teach me how to do it too

    Howdy i want a map where me and maybe other players too,sit on a hill,and use bows to kill lots lots of cyclops and other melee bosses (for low levels training fast)
    maybe some decorative roman/greek collumns too but its not really necesarily..oh and for melee players a road going down from the hill to the bosses,but the path to be narrow so they dont get pwned by the mobs
    map name Cyclops Challenge(or if more melee bosses other than cyclops hmm map name Ancients
    i tryed to use the editor but i need a cola at the moment lawl ^_^
    Thank you for your time,Strength&Honor!

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    Hey, Andreyghost. I just joined the site two days ago. But I immediately noticed the home page, where all the video links are, shows a couple of tutorials on how to use the editors. I started watching, but I'll go back later, because it looks a bit involved to me. I need time to sit and learn it. Just check them out, and you should be able to achieve your goal with some close attention and patience. I hear ya, having someone good at it would make you a nice map. But if you learn and make it yourself, it will be exactly what you want it to be. And you'll enjoy it and appreciate it more after putting in the work yourself. Good luck, let me know how it turned out!

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    sugarfree23 suggested to check the videos and they are very good indeed, they show everything you may need to make a simple map and stuff.

    If you are patient you can check this post (old post), and get the Source of my most complete quest ever with voice (mp3) and single quest and mobs and everything, first quest i ever made, look into it and compare it to what you have done so far for your own mods.
    My quest is not IT compatible, so check the files in notepad or if you are a geek you can find the best way to use/compare them to your quest/map/mod.

    It is not a tutorial, more like a self-teaching example, but if you ask such questions, it means you tried and i m sure you can guess and make the links/connections. Good luck.


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    Well this topic is not so new but anyway. Hi all this is my first post. I'm playing titan quest 2 weeks - lvl 37 brigand in Epic. I'm very interested in stuffs like mapping and I'm trying to do something like you asked for. I will need some help later but I'm sure I can make a nice map.

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