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Thread: LILITH Battles of Jalavia : PATHS Edition

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    Minor Problem, But Still

    Just gotten started playing Paths, looks quite interesting - looking forward to seeing what more advancement brings - however...
    I hate to sound like a nitpicky bitch, but the sound you get with force javelin every time it's fired, at least at level 10 is when I noticed it start happening - it's just incredibly obnoxious, specially in a long fight. It's a short, sharp, kettle drum-like ba bamp that seems really inappropriate for the spell to me, and more importantly it's just an incredibly annoying noise to have to hear time after time after time every second every fight. Like someone following you around with a drum you want to strangle, seriously.
    Sharp intrusive sounds just don't really work for a spell that's playing them continuously and constantly. Maybe give it a little whoosh or pew pew or something? Something less in your face and loud? Heck even something shorter and sharp might work like a pistol bark, but what's there... ugh "/
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    On A Positive Note:

    Have to say that the "Shield of Will" skill available to the Venefici is quite possibly one of the best ideas I've seen for this genre of game. Powerful defensively, even more powerful offensively, yet short in duration enough to not be totally overpowered and a mess. The 1.5 second window requires that one THINK and plan quite carefully with its use, not just spam a button and laugh.
    The damage reflection/to a lesser degree protection has become an absolutely primary tool for me in defeating bosses and hordes of goons.
    Well done!

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    so will this work along side the other lilith mods which i have installed atm

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    It shows as a separate mod once installed. For instance I have both Masteries Lilith and Paths Lilith installed, they show as Lilith... Paths and Lilith... Masteries on the list of available mods once you click mods off the main menu.
    As for will it play nice with mods that are designed to just affect the game in some way, I know that using the increase chest drop rate mod will crash it so I'd be very careful using anything else to mess with it. Not sure how other stuff would work out.
    For the record, I've liked Paths FAR more than any other mods I've seen that change the skill setup, FAR more. Lot of thought went into this and it shows. Very much a total redo of skills and setups, not just the cosmetic-ish tinkering that Masteries amounts to in the end.

    P.S. WhatEVER you do, don't log a Paths character into another mod, or any other mod's character into Paths. Bonuses go poof, your whole character is a screwed up mess. May as well restart at that point, really sucks. (Yes, did this accidentally once - thank monkeys I had a not too old backup copy of my save.)
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    Anddddddd BANG. Master of Legendary Chamoos, defeater of Legendary in general. Yay me Pure Venificus, no second class, was a lot of fun - thanks Mostal, SL, and anyone else involved in bringing Paths and Lilth together!


    70 Venficus
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    What am I missing here?

    How has anyone managed to get past the Asteria beach with this package?

    This is making me want to cry, any help would be enormously appreciated.


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    Ok. Trouble installing. I managed to download the Main Lilith Classic, put the MP3 and Maps in the custommap/Lilithpaths/resources folder, downloaded the, put it in C:...titan quest IT/Database folder, and extracted the Database and Resources Folders from the Lilith Paths download.
    I play, and I see all of Jalavia, but no NPC, no Merchants, no beasts, (meaning i cant even test my masteries to see if it copied Paths or not. )
    By the way, is it a "custom" character, or is it supposed to jump to regular single player like the regular Paths mod?
    I've searched for hours, please direct me or just plain tell me what I'm doing wrong.
    I've never played Lilith before, and wanted Paths to be the first time.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Porczilla* View Post
    Question: Is there a difference between "your version" and update "Paths Lilith" from here (under "Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010") in the Content??
    Servus, Erwin

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    » German Thread about TQVault and Lilith Mod ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FOE View Post

    Question: Is there a difference between "your version" and update "Paths Lilith" from here (under "Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010") in the Content??
    I fear not. The only difference is that his version is all set up, all you just need to do is install. :P

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    Hey Everyone,

    I just installed "Paths Edition" and I'm having a blast revisiting Lilith again (boy is my Berserker a glass cannon sometimes, lol) The thing is, the default difficult Path chooses (Heroic) is a bit to much for me, even though I'm getting through it, I prefer not to die as much I have been, lol..

    So, I tried downloading the Path Difficulty Changer, but the link doesn't seem to be working, it directs you to a site and forces you download their "download manager" and even after I've done that, paste in the link, the link still won't respond..

    Is there any alternate upload of the difficult changer for Path available somewhere besides what's posted here? Also, if I am ever able to download it, would changing difficultly midway through my game using the changer screw things up?

    Whatever the case, I'll tough it out as its still playable for me, just honestly prefer to die less, so if anyone can help that would be awesome!


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