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Thread: LILITH Battles of Jalavia : PATHS Edition

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    LILITH Battles of Jalavia : PATHS Edition

    Informations :
    Lilith by Mostal : V1.1
    Paths by ShadowLance : V1.4
    (Based on DatabaseB by jiaco)
    Language: English & French

    /!\ If this is the first time you play at Lilith, please read this article before proceeding.


    The PATHS Mod, like Masteries mod, changes all the abilities of character so great. It also changes the purpose of the different skills, skill points distribution, and many other elements of gameplay.
    Combined with Lilith, It's a whole new game now, much more adult and mature, and completely disorienting. Moreover, the number of available masteries is absolutely phenomenal as I explain in detail below :

    -- NEW FEATURES --

    -> 9 entirely new "masteries" called Paths.
    -> 24 complex skills per Path makes 216 brand new skills (not including all of the hidden/linked skills and pet skills).

    -> New Path Selection screen as seen above.

    -> Gameplay is designed with skillful play and thoughtful build creation in mind. Build-creation is tremendously more complex. Each Path has fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Build on two Path's similar strengths, or use one Path's strength to make up for a weakness.

    -> 100+ heavily modified or slightly modified items and sets to fit the new Paths.

    -> Rewrote or edited most of the in-game formulas, here's some:
    -Armor is more effective
    -Offensive Ability now makes use of Dex, Int, AND Str in various degrees.
    -Defensive Ability now makes use of Dex and Int in various degrees.
    -Much more...

    -> Changed the core gameplay drastically!
    -Skills are now hugely more useful and potent, this is balanced with other weaknesses.
    -Rather than spellcasters using spells occasionally and the staff being the primary attack used, there is at least one spell that can be used constantly instead of the staff.
    -Some spellcasters use weapons in the place of staves.
    -Path Level (mastery level) set to 100 instead of 32, with a unique Path bonus at 100.
    -Increased level cap to 100.
    -Gain 4 skill points per level instead of 3.
    -Path Level (mastery level) rarely grants attributes such as str, dex, or int. Instead, you gain immunities, special resistances/bonuses, weaknesses, and other class-defining traits.
    -Gain 16 attribute points per level instead of 2 (each attribute point increases an attribute by 1).
    -Health is now rarely gained from increasing the Path (mastery) Level.
    -Attribute points give you more health and energy per point.
    -Potion cooldown is MUCH longer than normal, around 30 seconds.
    -Potion stack increased to 20.
    -"Stances" can be class-defining. Only one active at a time, last forever with no cost. 1 point max. Some have small benefits with no downsides while others have huge benefits but also big weaknesses.
    -Bow and Staff projectiles much faster, arrows do not leave trails. Neither do melee weapons.
    -Most skills are much more complex than normal TQ
    (Any much more!)

    More informations here...


    Below are the Paths of the mod, formerly known as Masteries. They are "quoted" for organization.

    Path of the Berserker
    Pursue a bloody goal, over the mangled bodies of slain foes and a neverending thirst for violence.

    Shamans, Amazonians, Barbarians, and particularly brutal Warriors are all likely followers.

    -Crowd control

    -Suffer from bleeding x4 longer
    -Natural 5% less Defensive Ability

    Path Level
    -Natural Elemental Resistance
    -Health Regeneration Bonus
    -Less strength requirement on all weapons
    Path of the Mind
    Join mind and body to strike accurately, dominate enemies' minds, and protect yourself.

    Monks, Samurai, Knights, and anyone seeking an edge in combat or magic are likely followers.

    -High Attributes
    -Strong Buffs
    -Powerful Single-Target Attack

    -Vulnerable to Vitality Damage

    Path Level
    -Bonus Attribute Points
    -Bonus Health and Energy
    -Increased Casting Speed
    Path of Tartarus
    Gain the powers of summoning demons, dispelling them, demonic powers, burning spells, deals with the devil, and extensions of life.

    Cultists, Shamans, Mages, and anyone with a dark enough soul willing to sacrifice for great power walk this Path.

    -Powerful Spells
    -Powerful Summons
    -Powerful Buffs
    -Powerful Curses

    -Sacrifices are painful
    -Vulnerable to Lightning Damage

    Path Level
    -Natural Fire Resistance
    -Bonus Health and Energy
    -Reduced Damage from Demons
    Path of the Venefici
    Deal with magic in its purest form. Walls of force, shockwaves, beams of energy, tricks and incantations. Most of the spells require a great deal of study to unlock.

    This Path attracts Wizards, Sorcerers, and any manner of powerful magic users.

    -Versatile Deadly Spells
    -Magical Enhancements
    -Potent Energy Recovery
    -Reduced Dexterity Requirement for Armor

    -Low Health
    -Vulnerable to Poison Damage

    Path Level
    -Bonus Intelligence and Energy
    -Energy and Life Leech Resistance
    -Natural Energy Absorption
    Path of the Dokkaebi
    Trick and deceive your opponents, tormenting them while staying out of reach, assaulting their senses and minds. Do not mistake this path as harmless though, many skills have a chance of painful chaotic damage.

    This Path attracts Shamans, Gypsies, Thieves, Spies, Illusionists, and anyone who takes delight in spreading chaos.


    -Avoiding Damage
    -Curses and Diversions
    -Potent Kiting Ability
    -Natural 5% Dodge Melee

    -Mediocre Damage

    Path Level
    -Bonus Health and Energy
    -Receives extra Physical Damage
    -Natural Total Speed increase
    Path of Sekhmet
    Walk in the footsteps of the Lioness Sekhmet, Daughter of Ra. The Egyptian Goddess was addicted to war.

    This path attracts a huge variety of Warriors, Rangers, Knights, and Kensei.

    -Armor More Effective
    -Large Health Bonus
    -High Damage

    -Weak Crowd Control
    -Vulnerable to Cold Damage

    Path Level
    -Small Armor Bonus
    -Bonus Health
    -Bonus Offensive and Defensive Ability
    Path of Lichdom
    Sacrifice in exchange for great power. Are you willing to give up your very life to become a Lich? Summoning undead, killing with a touch, and casting horrific spells are possible.

    Evil Warriors, Powerhungry Sorcerers, and anyone who craves immortality is lured to this path.

    -Armies of Skeletons
    -Incredible Passive Abilities
    -Strong Enchantments

    -Few skills harm Undead
    -Slightly lower running speed
    -Can never deflect projectiles

    Path Level
    -Natural Armor
    -Bonus Intelligence and Energy
    -Natural Cold Resistance
    -Lower % Health
    Path of Khloros
    Become the vessel for the fourth horseman of the apocolypse. Skills involve plague, summoning beasts of the earth, and the sword.

    Messengers of Death, Plague-bringers, and any kind of sickened Warrior or Sorcerer can follow this path.

    -Nearly Invincible Pets
    -Strong Passive Abilities
    -Crowd Control
    -Strong vs. Physical Damage
    -Natural Poison Resistance
    -Resistance to % Life Loss

    -Few skills harm Undead
    -Poor Kiting Ability
    -Fire Damage Vulnerability

    Path Level

    -Natural Physical Damage Resistance
    -Bonus Health
    -Lower running Speed
    Path of Poseidon
    Walking this Path is to pursue becoming the Avatar of Poseidon. Powers over oceans and storms, the blessings of horses, and many skills relating to Poseidon's children are gifted to a devoted follower.

    Religious Warriors, Cultists, Priests, Fanatics, Sea Druids and Wizards are just a few of those who swear fealty to Poseidon.

    -Powerful Summon
    -Strong Offensive Spells
    -Incredible Crowd Control
    -Strong Weapon Enchantment
    -Natural Burning Resistance

    -Skills are not versatile
    -High energy cost for skills with small energy pool

    Path Level
    -Bonus % to Strength
    -Bonus Health
    -Natural Vitality and Lightning Damage Resistance


    A graphical interface will guide you to install Lilith easily

    - Download the file SetupLilithPaths11.exe
    - Download the file LilithPathsDC11d.exe
    - Download the file

    - Double click the SetupLilithPaths11 and read the messages
    Note : Language selection will automatically setup Lilith in French and in English.

    - Choose your difficulty: 1 is easiest and 12 hardest (see above for more explanation).

    - Lilith Paths Edition will be automatically installed in "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest ' Immortal Throne / CustomMaps" folder

    - Unzip (Allskin Mod) in the Database folder of TQIT (the game) : [drive letter]:\[path where TQIT is installed]\Database
    (after unzip you will have [tqfolder]\database\Creatures\pc -> with male and female folder inside)

    - Launch TQ-IT >> Custom Quest and choose LilithPaths ~ Jalavia

    - Enjoy :-)


    TADA ! Paths Difficulty Changer !

    Lilith bring a new dimension in this game: Play how do you like with the Difficulty Changer! **

    Lilith is really seriously balanced for all 3 difficulties but we are all different.
    Some of us may only play a few hours in a week or less, other are good gamer but do what they can for surviving, and at least, we have very good players like "Hardcore Gamer".

    It is very difficult to make a game that pleases immediately anyone with the difficulty. Each of us wants to play exactly how we like, at start.

    So, it is the function of the Difficulty Changer.

    Lilith - Paths offer 12 difficulties, just choose yours during the install or later.

    Let's see:

    First we have:
    Discovery Lilith
    -> You are a casual gamer ? You do like when everything work well ? This difficulty is for you!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") (read "-" as minus):
    -40% HP
    -25% Attack Speed
    -20% Move Speed

    Secondary choice:
    Piece of Cake Lilith
    -> You like a bit difficulties but not too much? You don't like dying to often? Choose this one!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") (read "-" as minus):
    -20% HP
    -15% Attack Speed

    Third choice :
    Fast Lilith
    -> You like challenge but you don't have any much time ? Don't look futher, take this difficulty!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") (read "-" as minus):
    -40% HP

    Max Fast Lilith
    -> You do like when there are many many creatures ? You have a very good Mouse ? You'll enjoy this difficulty!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") :
    -40% HP
    +50/100% additional creatures

    Original Lilith:
    Excellent Lilith
    -> You do like strong, nervous and without concession H'n'S ? This is THE version par excellence!

    6: Paths default choice:
    Heroic Lilith
    -> Your character is the reincarnation of Achill? You are as smart as Ulysses? This difficulty put you to the test!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") :
    +15% HP
    +15% Attack Speed
    +10% Move Speed
    +15% XP (Bonus monster)

    MAX Heroic Lilith
    -> Do you want more ? Do you want really more ? Do you want to kill kill and kill again monsters or Die ? All right, here is what you need:

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") :
    +15% HP
    +15% Attack Speed
    +10% Move Speed
    +15% XP (Bonus monster)
    +50/100% additional creatures

    8: Be warn, from here the Death is smiling
    Insane Lilith
    -> You have all the time a feeling that you are unbreakable? You are a Master among Masters ? Here you'll find a right taste of the blood!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") :
    +25% HP
    +20% Attack Speed
    +15% Move Speed
    Normal : + 5 * level in OA et en DA
    Epic : + 10 * level in OA et en DA
    Legendary : + 15 * level in OA et en DA
    +25% XP (Bonus monster)

    MAX Heroic EXTRA BOSS Lilith
    -> Same as MAX Heroic Lilith, with Extra Boss features.

    MAX Insane Lilith
    -> You do like when there are many many creatures and you are really unbreakable? Don't wait anymore, choose this powerful difficulty!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") :
    +25% HP
    +20% Attack Speed
    +15% Move Speed
    Normal : + 5 * level in OA et en DA
    Epic : + 10 * level in OA et en DA
    Legendary : + 15 * level in OA et en DA
    +25% XP (Bonus monster)
    +50/100% additional creatures

    11: Hardest choice, don't even try!
    Infinite Lilith
    -> You are not Human ? Good! Not Lilith neither!

    Creatures (From "Excellent Lilith") :
    +50% HP
    +25% Attack Speed
    +25% Move Speed
    Normal : + 10 * level in OA et en DA
    Epic : + 15 * level in OA et en DA
    Legendary: + 20 * level in OA et en DA
    +35% XP (Bonus monster)

    MAX Insane EXTRA BOSS Lilith
    -> Same as MAX Insane Lilith, with Extra Boss features.

    As you see, everyone, I hope, will find his happiness.

    With the Difficulty Changer you can change when you want the difficulty.

    -> Your character is weak from enemies somewhere for the campaign and you have no miracle item with you yet? Choose an easier difficulty at this moment.
    -> You are feeling your character a little bit stronger for fun? Change for a harder difficulty on the fly.

    I hope every player could play Lilith as wished, just Play how do you like!

    Please, start with a brand new character, thanks.
    Before playing:
    Triple-Load trick: If you have a brand new character, the easiest way is to simply load the character into legendary, epic, and normal then you can play.
    Really, it's just that simple.

    => This trick is to keep all your Bonus when you change to another difficulty

    => Don't do it during your current game, you'll lose all what you have done during your game and could reset some quest or your Masteries (in the Masteries Edition).
    If you have a game on the way Just wait the end of your current difficulty to do this trick.

    Lilith The Will of Demon 1.1: PATHS Edition (716Mo) :

    DOWNLAD NOW - Mirror

    Lilith Paths - Difficulty Changer (114Mo) :

    AllSkin Mod for Lilith Creature (38Mo) :


    - Mostal for the original Lilith WoD mod.
    - ShadowLance for the original Paths mod.
    - You for reading this thread.


    Original thread (French): Here

    I'm also working on a SfPaths+Lilith Edition, called "The Suffering".
    "The Suffering" thread (French): Here

    I'm also, yeah once again, working on a a Destinies+Lilith Edition.
    Destinies+Lilith thread (French): Here

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    You don't want to know..

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    (sorry about the caps, haha)

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    Nice, downloading it now.

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    It's a shame that the only difficult avaiable is Heroic. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shykary View Post
    It's a shame that the only difficult avaiable is Heroic. :/
    You missed the Difficulty Changer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Porczilla* View Post
    You missed the Difficulty Changer.
    On your difficult changer, the menu is in french(difficulté), and only heroic difficult has "PATHS VERSION". By the way, your paths version is buggy. We start with 50/50/50(str/dex/int). On original Paths version, you start it 10/7/8. Heroic difficult is too easy because of Paths skills. On Paths version, monster are multiplied. Thank you anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shykary View Post
    On your difficult changer, the menu is in french(difficulté), and only heroic difficult has "PATHS VERSION".
    What's the problem with the DC? "Paths version" meens "Heroic" is the default difficulty. And the menu in french is a choice, it doesn't make difference between the french edition and english edition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shykary View Post
    On original Paths version, you start it 10/7/8.
    Good to know. Thanks. ;-)
    EDIT: Fixed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shykary View Post
    Heroic difficult is too easy because of Paths skills. On Paths version, monster are multiplied.
    Lilith isn't Titan Quest. The only way you can change the number of monsters is by using the DC. If its too easy for you, then use it.
    Last edited by *Porczilla*; 09-03-2010 at 12:39 PM.

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    Fine. Thank you for your support. (:

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    i cant hear the voices when i speack with a npc..what is the problem?And is there a calculator for this mod?
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