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Thread: Itemus 1.4 - any newer version?

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    Itemus 1.4 - any newer version?

    I am currently using Underlord 1.4rc and Itemus 1.4. I was wondering if anyone knows whether Itemus will be updated to reflect the addition of the mythic items that occur in Esti's Hidden Chest that are included in the updated Underlord mod? i.e., Shrike, Blood Whisper, Stormbringer, etc...

    While I understand from lurking that some folks aren't quite as active here as they were formerly, it is just a general question... any info would be much appreciated. If no updates are planned, I suppose I'll have to live with it

    Edit: what I needed via Impulsands work Fella!
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    all the mythic items are actually FROM underlord mod, ie: they arent in vanilla at all.

    itemus was made for general TQ:IT use. so ofc only items from vanilla.
    im not sure anybody wants to make a specific itemus map with all the UL items in it, but...if you really want to, it would be quite easy to do.
    you have the UL mod, which means all you have to do is unpack the database, find the items in there, and create a container, add all the items to the container, drop the container in a little custom map, and go loot em. or if you wanted to add them all to itemus just do that too. probably even easier.

    im looking forward to finding the mythics though, part of the main fun of playing UL after beating legendary with a toon, imo. havent even found 1 yet, actually. well, have seen a few drop but others in game took them as they were never drops for my char/class.

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