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Thread: The Hardcore Uber Underlord Challenge

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    The Hardcore Uber Underlord Challenge

    The Uber Underlord Challenge

    Rules for The Uber Underlord Challenge

    Defiler Mods allowed
    1. Freeze time of day
    2. Infinite Potion Stacking
    3. Disable Zeus Speech
    4. Show Hidden Prefixes/Suffixes
    5. Show items toggle
    6. Show all Damage

    Live off The Land Rules
    1. No buying from shops.
    2. Only allowed stuff found on the ground.
    3. Enchanters are allowed to make Artifacts and get rid of charms.
    4. Selling is disallowed.
    5. Potions and gold allowed.
    6. Storage Area of caravan allowed, transfer area banned completely.
    7. Mystics are banned. This means no respeccing!
    8. Most importantly, gameplay has to be 100% Uber!

    First download the 1.5 of underlord here then get the uber database in the link below.

    This is More Uber underlord, by Protagonist and wulf0420, based on Munderbunny's Uber mod, no custom-made versions allowed, since the links in the linked topic are dead, use this re-upload. No cheating, no backing up save data files, no copying characters, etc. Twinking, (using items from other characters) is allowed, I recommend it, seeing as though Uber gives a -22% reduction to any requirements except level requirements. If you go untwinked that's obviously fine, as is untwinked with no potions. If you did xmax with 0 deaths then you are obviously very good, but Uber with 0 deaths? Impossible? We will soon find out. Anyone up for this suicidal challenge? Those who do it will be definitely worthy of praise and Uber status. Anyone is welcome to enter, but you must follow the rules. There is a link to the Uber Mod download at the bottom of this post.

    If you want an extremely hard challenge, why not try no twinking, no potions. Also, why not try the Live Off The Land Challenge, (rules stated above.) A variant of this is the Diablo II's Iron Man Challenge, which is effectively the same, but with no re-runs and killing every monster, so no farming.

    There are several defiler options allowed to aid you, they don't make the game unfair but may make it easier.

    I decided to color code the challengers, so anyone in blue is in normal, green is in epic and red is in legendary, gray is inactive for a serious time. Death chars will be italicified and stay in color.

    NOTES: We are not responsible for loss of sanity, loss of hair, or loss of sleep.
    All credit goes to Munderbunny for making such a great and difficult mod. Thanks to Bonobo for allowing me to use his layout.
    When you sign up, you must give me your character's name, level, class, and whether or not they're twinking. It's very annoying having blank data. If you see blank data regarding you or anyone else, please tell me that data so I can update.
    That's all! So good luck!
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    1. iwantthehydra27 - (Athena) lvl 2 Defender - Helos
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    1. Arperum - (Nimble) lvl 39 Elementalist - Bactrian Woods
    2. Gliktch - (Lord Under) Lvl 20 Shaman - Ambrossos
    3. Arperum - (Noir) lvl 14 Archon - Tegea


    4. johnjov - (Tortured Soul) Lvl 10 Seer - Helos Cave
    5. Arperum - (Nora) lvl 7 Warrior - Helos
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    No Potions


    1. shaposh - (Uberion) lvl 22 Shaman - Gorgons
    2. Arperum - (Narmora) lvl 18 Shaman - Polyphemus

    Live Of The Land


    1. Kythiri - (Phyra Rose) lvl 32 Battlemage - Nile Floodplains No potions
    2. Kythiri - (Kyh) lvl 23 Pyromancer - Swamps before Delphi No potions
    3. Arperum - (Arp) lvl 19 Pyromancer - Polyphemus
    4. Disastro - (Disatra) lvl 15 Hunter - Tegea
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    Number of Challengers: 16
    Deaths: 9
    Abandoned: 4
    Act 1 Beaten: 2
    Act 2 Beaten: 1
    Normal Successes: 0
    Epic Successes: 0
    Legendary Successes: 0

    More stats will come when I have more entries.
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    Oct 2009
    I'v started a Shaman (Spirit/Nature) "Uberion". Hello Gothic
    Gonna be no potions, and i have nothing to twink with.

    lvl 17 past Cyclops in Megara. They werent much trouble, just lured them one by one. Skeletons and Fiend owns everything for now.

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    Ok, for as far as it goes, the leaderboards are up to date, and the link is pointing to the rigth version of Uber, so join! You're in the top 3 of your variant anyway

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    I'll prolly join when my Uber-plain char dies(99,99%)/finishes the challenge(00,01%).With a haruspex.
    Hardcore XMAX CHALLENGE:
    ExTeRmInAtOr-Level 70 Conqueror,COMPLETED;

    Aellectris-Level 21 Oracle,Gorgon Cave;

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    Oct 2009
    Died lvl 22 from combined blast of Gorgon healers I could not manage to separate them and engaged all 6 at once. Anyway, the battle was hopeless anyway, my skellies melted faster than i could heal them, and i had nothing to support them. So it was rather suicide.

    Gonna try again, same char Uberion (Shaman), but skill Plague for Gorgons. I have a save at Megara , lvl 17 Necromancer. I was deciding between Nature and Dream (or something else) as a second mastery. I'll delete my first char with all his items for fair play.
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    Wait, shaposh, you're confusing me.

    I got that your char died, but what's with that lvl 17 save? Are you going to use a backup or something?

    Quote Originally Posted by Arperum View Post
    No cheating, no backing up save data files, no copying characters, etc.
    because that would be kind of a cheat. I know you are playing one of the harder forms of it, but still, rules are rules.

    Also, updated board.

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