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Thread: Best Mod Idea Contest

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    Thumbs up Best Mod Idea Contest

    ~V~ from Iron Lore graciously supplied us with a few Titan Quest t-shirts (all size large) for a small contest on the forum.

    The top three mod entries will each receive a t-shirt. Judging will be done by the TQ designers and the closing date for all entries are May 26th, 2006.

    Contents rules:
    • One entry per member, so only one post to this thread
    • Only one idea per entry
    • Word limit: 150
    * All forum members can enter, but the t-shirts will only be shipped to US addresses.

    Good luck!

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    Great idea I have some question though:

    1) do you mean ideas for a story/scenario or an idea for gameplay variant by modification?
    2) will it be possible to write complex dialogues as in NWN or are we limited to story tellers in the way it is done in the demo?

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    I was gonna say, it seems like an awfully vague contest. A great idea, just so vague I wouldn't quite know where to start.

    But, if anything is eligible under that word limit, I'll come up with something.

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    That's a tough word count to fit. I've got one pruned down from 265 words to 215 words but having a rough time whittling it down much more. But I'll keep trying and get my editor/wife to hack at it as well (it was much richer at 265 words).

    PS. I guess it's an overview and Max isn't handing us the editor early, huh?
    I'm rarely here anymore.

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    Associate Producer - Iron Lore Entertainment ~V~'s Avatar
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    Hey Guys,

    We just thought this would be something fun to try. This should just be a very brief overview. We dont expect there would be any specifics - just a basic plot line or idea. If it goes a little over 150 words its not the end of the world -think of it as a target length. We just are not going to have time to read 10 pages of summary per person. Somethig simple like you guys have been throwing around in the scenario ideas thread would be appropriate.

    Just have fun with it.

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    Exactly 150 words now so here goes my official entry (perhaps the format isn't expected but it was fun for me, too much Steven Saylor I suppose) ... let's call it "The Temple and the Cats."


    You stand motionless under the bored gaze of an obese, perfumed, bureaucrat in Alexandria's main palace.

    "I have no idea why Askopes would send such a soldier, but I suppose you’ll have to do.”

    "You've heard the racket the priests are raising? The murders of so many cats within city walls? The strange tales the merchants tell along the eastern road? The priests swallowed by the desert? No? The missing unit of guards? Ah, now you understand." He smiled like a contented snake.

    "You will go to the Temple of Bast near the Canopic Gate and ask for Ponthinus. He will tell you what the priests need done."

    "A reward? Hmm. I suppose the palace will make suitable offerings at your funeral." He turns and waves you away. "You may leave now."

    The city’s wide, straight, crowded boulevards and glaring sunlight guide you east to the temple, and your destiny.


    Good luck to all!
    I'm rarely here anymore.

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    How about a mod of Jason and the golden fleece? I know most of it is on water, but I think it could easly be adapted to land. For example, on the crashing rocks part of the story, you could have a quest to find a dove and have rock moving back and forth in a cayon(of course I don't know how animated the editor will let you be) or better yet, you could have stone goloms, and you have to find a dove in order for you to pass. And another idea you can have a quest to escort the old woman(Hera), across a plan of vicious saytar shamans.

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    So you completed the single player eh?You thought that was hard?Pffft Try taking on the Titans!Take foot as you defend Mt Olympus against harder foes and of course the Titans!Make sure you bring plenty of potions because your going to need them!

    The Gods seek your power granting you special abilites and Godly equipment for each Titan killed.Are you ready for the challenge?Then join the gods at Mt Olympus!

    Is that good?

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    Julius and the remaining prisoners who had their ransom paid were thrown off the boat and left on the barren African beach.

    "So what do we do now?" Prax said

    "Find a port and go back to Rome I guess.." said Gladictus

    "What are you talking about? Did you not hear what I said to Celsus? I told him I will get my family's hard earned money back and kill the bastd!" said Julius

    "And how do you suggest we do that?" said Prax

    "We gather some men, build a fleet and destroy him!"

    "Your crazy! Look I want to kill the man too but as you can see we are very hopeless here." said Gladictus

    With a little speech and some pride, Julius finally convinced him men to start the impossible journey...

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    You are sent by a troubled woman to find some villagers that never came back from Lumever's cave.Not only do you find out the remains of these men,but you discover traces of a ritual that has occured.

    "Gheed has been missing for a week,(Gheed being a very powerful magician)find out his whereabouts,he lives in the forest,near The Dazzle Tree and the river.Don't worry you won't leave unrewarded."-Gheed's brother said.

    You find out numerous books about Hades and one in particular is interesting;a book about sacrificial rituals.You bring back this book to the person who sent you,he realizes his brother's intentions.

    "He has gone insane,he studied Hades so he could bring him to Earth!He will sacrifice himself to bring back Hades again!Everything is happening as foretold the prophecies!Hades will bring an army of minions to make Zeus regret his punishment,you must stop him at once!"

    You(preferably with other friends)go back to Lumever's cave,which has several underground levels,with each level having harder and fiercer enemies to stop Hades.

    166 Words,I live in Canada though,don't think i'll win anyway.

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