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Thread: [User Interface] BigBarsUI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Bugger View Post
    I seem to be having a problem. When I download the mod , it seems OK. When I try to extract it to the Custom Folder, it shows nothing to extract. I'm using winzip for extracting. Is it just 4k? I have all the various X-mods in the folder, and they work fine. Just can not get this mod to extract. I have patch 1.17a.
    Any advise would be appreciated.
    It should be 1.22 mb. Which link did you use? Try the mediafire link.

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    A young person named LMunhoz directed me to this thread and so far I am happy. The mediafire link you gave me worked fine. I have it in custommap folder. Need to add your fix for the icons, but i expect I need to install the whole mod-sigh. I do like to use the x mods at times. What is the DiabloUI?
    Thank for the help. I was using the easy custommap version at the beginning of the thread when I got the 4k.

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    The mediafire link under "Big Bars with Iron Cross Cursor (Easy Install for 1.17 fanpatch)" in the first post is very easy to install. It is a full database built using the 1.17a fanpatch so you just have to replace you current database file in your TQ folder and add the texture.arc file. The instructions are in the mod. Then xmod should work as normal as a custommaps.

    (ps the filesmelt link worked fine for me. must have been you browser/downloader not liking filesmelt.)

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    This is a sweet ui mod, keep it up!

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    This UI is gorgeous! Can you make it work with underlord mod, please? I hate the UI color underlord uses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skellimancer View Post
    This UI is gorgeous! Can you make it work with underlord mod, please? I hate the UI color underlord uses.
    The custommaps version of Bigbars should work with a full underlord install. The easy install database replace version would have to be merged with underlord in order to work.

    Also, it would be a little work but you could restore the old ui to underlord if you don't like the color. I suggest asking in the underlord section. Once you restore the old ui you can install my custommaps BigBarsUI and it will match the color scheme better.

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    double post...wacky internet.

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    I really like the loading animation that the Iron Cross version uses, but I don't like the iron cross selector. How do I add the animation to the other versions?
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter!"

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    Nice job, Kirii. I'm using your mod and it certainly does make things a lot nicer, man.

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    Great mod for laptop users with big res

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