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Thread: [User Interface] BigBarsUI

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    Thanks so much for this mod just love it! Would love to have a mod that puts the party members down the bottom as well with slightly bigger frames

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    Hey love your mod but I was wondering if I could change the color of it from gold to silver to match the UITheme_TQIT_JMD mod. I have the ARCexplorer. Just need to know the name of the arc file and the name of the tex file in that. Guess I could then change the color in photoshop.

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    The .tex is hudtopbarempty01edit4

    Here is the .tga file that would be easier to

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    Oh sweet thanks a ton for that, and so quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirii View Post
    Still working on it but for now here is a quick fix.

    I moved the icons back to the upper left corner. They will be visible on any resolution.

    This filesmelt sure IS easy!
    Hi Kirii, great mod you have done there. I'm really appreciated your hard-working as well as clear explanation on the installation.

    I've successfully done the permanent installation from the file you posted in the first post but I do have the problem of no status icon since I'm playing in 1280x800 widescreen (that is the highest I can go with in window mode since I'm playing on a 15inch Macbook).

    I'm happy with this quick fix from you but I cant figure how to install this following your installation on post #1. When I extracted the downloaded file, I got 1 folder called bigbarsui. I have no clue where should I place it. It's very kind of you if you can guide me again, based on the your installation guide from the first post (which steps are different).

    I'm very excited to fully enjoy your wonderful mode, and of course surely waiting for the completed Diablo UI.

    A bit out of topic, actually couldnt wait anymore so I tested it on the custommaps one and looks amazingly awesome. But I do love playing in xmod so I guess I have to be waited qhite a moment for a permanent installation u_u

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    Oh boy! I am so sorry for such a late reply!

    I wouldn't worry about using the bigbarsui folder I posted with the fix. The fix is very easy and can be done during the permanent install process.

    After you open the Big Bars UI mod in Art Manager go to the database tab. Under records->ingameui->player hud and find the hudplayerstatusicons.dbr.

    Open the .dbr for editing and change the ActiveHudAreaX and Y to 5 and 35. That will put the icons back in the upper left corner.

    Then continue the permanent install as normal.

    Hope you didn't give up on me and stop using my UI! Sorry again for the late reply.

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    Thanks, at last you freed us from this awkward health/mana placement (lack of) design and it's a huge improvement.

    One thing though, there might be an issue with the package (filesmelt link). Tried and tried following every step of the permanent install instructions without being able to install it. Finally downloaded the BigBarUI Fan Patch 1.17a Compatible (MU link) and it worked perfectly on first try.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirii View Post

    With the latest fan patch this mod will fail to work so here is an updated version compatible with the 1.17a fan patch.

    BigBarUI Fan Patch 1.17a Compatible or

    EASY INSTALL! Custom Maps Version:

    Big Bars with Iron Cross Cursor (Easy Install for 1.17 fanpatch)
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    Does this work with Patch 1.30? I can't get it to display properly. It moves the buff icons and bars down, but my hp/mana bars are not displaying correctly. They are stacked on top of one another [like the default UI] and not 1 on each side of the shield?

    Has developement stopped on this? Love the UI (the pics anyway), since the default one is horrible..

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    rotax, the current version is not compatible with official patch 1.30. I have built it using the latest unofficial patch which merges the database files so you will having missing parts such as the health/mana bars.

    I recommend removing my ui, installing the 1.17a patch, and re-installing my ui. Unless you are not playing with the expansion? It is possible to build my ui into the original TQ without the expansion but it can be quite a process.

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    I seem to be having a problem. When I download the mod , it seems OK. When I try to extract it to the Custom Folder, it shows nothing to extract. I'm using winzip for extracting. Is it just 4k? I have all the various X-mods in the folder, and they work fine. Just can not get this mod to extract. I have patch 1.17a.
    Any advise would be appreciated.

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