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Thread: Anyone actively playing Mastery Mod?

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    Anyone actively playing Mastery Mod?

    If so... what class combos are working for you?

    I've got an Overseer (Bestiary/Construction) that seems viable in Act IV normal. Folks have said that the Overseer holds up in Epic and Legendary as well.

    I'm working on a bow build w/ Archery as my main class to feed my case of adult-onset Attention Deficit Disorder, but I'm not sure which class will match up best with it. I first started with Sorcery to try and add elemental damage to the mix, but the Way skills cancelled each other out, so not much synergy there for me. I've ruled out Construction and Bestiary because I'm getting my "fix" on those from the Overseer. I'm leaning towards Chronosophy, but I'm open to suggestions.

    There don't seem to be many active Mastery Mod players out there, so this thread may go where others have gone... nowhere. Oh well, thanks for reading at any rate.

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    Well I think the thing with masteries was that it was the first mod to fully overhaul the masteries and as such got major interest. But the fact of the matter is that most skills were not too interesting/too different from the vanilla ones (with the exception of a few masteries like construction). Not to mention that every mastery was pretty much divided into way skills which acted to decrease the replayability.

    Now that more people have got the hang of modding and have come out with much better balanced and interesting masteries, it is easy to see why the popularity of this mod has dwindled once the novelty factor wore off.
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    Ah yes, I see your point about the novelty wearing off. The overuse of way skills does take away from the synergies between the classes. I'll start canvasing the other mod forums to see what might be more... trendy

    Thanks for the reply on an otherwise dead forum.

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    Just what I was wanting. Just got back into TQ and was about to start my Masteries game. I think I'm going to go for Archery and Bestiary as I've played with both of those.

    If I was to make a suggestion it would be Chronosophy, looks like a very good class. Only tried the Warfare one other than the 2 previously mentioned.

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    Thanks for the confirmation on Chronosophy as a good support class for Archery. I can vouch for Bestiary as a good combo with Archery (heck, Bestiary makes a great stand alone class as well). All these mastery classes seem to require a lot of skill points in each skill (greater than 8 per skill mostly). At least with Bestiary, you can take advantage of Mastery Shrines and swapping +skill gear to really get the most mileage out of your 1 point investments. I'm sure I'll have some learning curve issues going from a pet-centric build like Overseer to a lone ranger build like Seeker. Gotta do my own wetwork I guess. Maybe I'll go see the new Robin Hood movie for inspiration...

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    Well Archery is a fantastic mastery from my experience. Pal patine from Bestiary is so good early days

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    Just starting using Masteries about 2 weeks ago and my Myrmidon(close combat/vampire) goes through almost anything like a blowtorch through a dried up newspaper. 20-25% life steal. Hardly need any health potions anymore!

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    Actually, Vampiric Mastery sucked in this mod a big time.

    The best combination is, rule of thumb: X/Alchemy.

    Alchemy for the sick aura that makes you immortal and other skills.

    X can be Combat (mediocre option), Archery (strong option), Sorcery (completely overpowered option).

    Sorcery/Alchemy was so powerful, it made me cry.

    Seriously, this mod had lots of potential, but horrible balance and lack of development made other mods wayy better.

    For a balanced skill system, try Underlord.
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    I don't know what I'm called, but I have Sorcery/CC and I have 72 DPS at lvl 8 with an iron knife

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