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Thread: Humourous Screenie Thread - Part 2

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    Talking Humourous Screenie Thread - Part 2

    Seeing as the last one was getting a little full, I thought a nice new thread was in order.

    Here is a link to the old thread, which still makes me laugh:-

    Humourous Screenie Thread

    If anyone needs help posting screenies, look here:-

    How to Post a Screenie

    Please remember to limit the size of your screenie to a width of 700 pixels. If you can't do that, please post a thumbnail instead.

    I am SO looking forward to this........

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    Post for suscribe ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    Here is a link to the old thread, which still makes me laugh:-
    Does the link make you laugh or the pictures in the thread or even the fact that is is a link to that thread ?

    edit:smileys still don't work,doing some workaround, should do it now
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    Let me start putting pics up again.

    Aqua Team Nymph Force

    It's the end of the underworld as we know it!
    (Broken Teleport spell is broken.)

    And finally a "Tundering staff of thunder"
    I guess it thunders... but I might be wrong.

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    Lol at Nymph I didnt know they live underwater!

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    This will sound dumb but are those just icons from d2 or spells too ? =D

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    Can you spot the doggie?

    And of course there are spells too. But teleport still works a bit too well.
    The map however was normal IT, somewhere near the City of the Dead.

    Want to see another?

    Say hello to my little friends!
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    Hi, I'm new on this forum.
    I took a screenie yesterday but didn't think I had to paste it on paint and save it.
    Thought there was a "screenshots" file in THQ. However it was a picture of two Majestic Chests on each other, glitched.
    Found that at the Cyclops. Ever happened to anyone else?

    Nice pictures guys, keep it up, it's getting funny.

    If anyone's on Hamachi,
    Network ID: SomeTQ
    Password: it
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    Yeah, the double Majested chest thingy happens when you farm a boss for the second time around with the same character on the same difficulty. Note, it's only the second time round, not second and after.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the old thread has been closed!!!!

    On the other hand, here's the new one! How fun!

    And we sure missed you, Batman!

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