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Thread: Why would a guy want to play a female character?

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    Because Super Chick is often better than Capt. Awesome! (modders should get this reference)

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    There is also my transexual haruspex =) . He used to be female now its ...well....
    Oh and my avenger was male and now its female =)

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    Hehe, if I play with caster and use Hesione's Golden Veil for sure I'll make a female character =D

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    Yeah... why would you want to watch a guy in women's clothing for hours on end?

    It's not like you are doing any role-playing in TQIT...

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    Lawl, gotta stick female even if you are male sometimes (lots of reasons )!!!!

    Oh yeah, think of Diablo 2: LoD perhaps -- The Assassin and Sorceress are both female, but they look awesome (except of 2000/2001's graphics), and are both EXTREMELY good and RAD (Assassin -- e.g. Trapper Assassin) and/ (Sorceress -- Good beginning char (in other words you play with her if you are still a n00b!!!! ).

    Get it?!

    If you didn't, enjoy the boring life of playing only male chars!

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    Also, you don't want to run around with Hesione's Golden Veil on a male character..
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    I don't think the fantasy necessarily lies in actually being the female heroine much like it is to fantasize about being the alpha male in many male-led games. It's kind of the the ability to control a strong heroine that also has some psychological appeal. At least for me anyway. I remember growing up playing games like Golden Axe and Street Fighter I'd love picking the hot warriors...still do! Some of you guys can't understand why having a super-hot babe do your bidding and watch them kick ass can be cool? Surely you can at least understand someone's perspective as to why that would be attractive.

    It's kind of funny because I play MMO's with my gal sometimes and while I have both male and female toons, she sticks to femmes. Recent movies like Gamer and Surrogates touch upon these themes where female robots or humans are controlled by male "gamers". It kind of poses philosophical questions about the whole thing really.

    That, or people just like looking at cartoons of girls lol.

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    I agree with Venn there. I think it's not just the fact we like looking at hot girls when playing, but it's kind of like glorifying the perfect image of a female of our dreams in a way. Most (if not all) men love chicks who can kick ass. I personally love tough female heroines in films, stories, games, etc.

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    As long as you don't have to argue with her over who's doing the laundry hehe

    But of course. Lightning Kicks FTW.

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    If I play an adventure game, the last thing I want to look at is some NAGGING WOMAN character. I play these games to get away from the females.
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