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Thread: Rise From The Deep (( Playable Ichthian )) TQIT v1.1

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    Not sure what he told you, but if you put the textures in the exact same source path as the originals, those should be overwritten. (Don't forget the assets.)

    There are some weird exceptions to this, but so far I've only encountered them in connection with xpack stuff.

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    Could you tell me exact path I have to have them on also exact name of texture files and proper caps for each of the 6 default tunic colors. White, rose, black, tan, gray, and lightblue.

    *Note* I used arc explorer to extract textures of ichthians from titan quest. Six of them.
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    That would be where you find those in the arc explorer - with "resources" equaling your mod's "source" directory.

    So source\creatures\pc\male\malepc01_lightblue.tga for example, with texture asset, will replace \pc\male\malepc01_lightblue.tex from the creatures.arc.

    If that does not work, it's protected against overwriting from a soft mod.

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    I do not quite understand. I have to make a new folder path starting under custommaps with source? I have resource but not source. Also I rename the monster textures on that correct path to the .tga or the .tex? What is the exact name and caps the monster textures should be renamed to? Sorry to sound repetitive just want to finish my work correctly. I will look up other's mod work maybe ill see the proper path that way as well. Tamschi's tiger mod should do the trick. *Added* I had looked at the tigerman mod he made a ARC file? Not sure how those work... I will check over other's work as well maybe a easier solution for me. Hmm I learned how to create my own ARC file but I can make the directory like he did in his I just had changed the ichthians textures to the proper malepc01_white.tex and so on but I have a feeling to make this work right I need to make that directory he made in his or perhaps move them if it already exists and overwrite the old tex files I shall look and try to do that next. It seems I need a tool to restructure ARC files. Also anytime I renamed a ichthian texture it wasnt saving my work or I have to make it read only or something. Seems the game is restoring them.. First, I have to have that tool to properly make the path inside the creature ARC or.. if possible make a simpler directory using those extracted textures.
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    Ah. I see your problem now.

    You are talking about adding the .tex files to the resources of the already compiled mod (in custommaps/[yourmod]/resources) by creating a path there, or directly writing them into the mod's creatures.arc file.

    The latter would work, with the ArchiveTool, but apart from being prone to errors you'd have to do that again after every time you build the mod.

    That is workaround for adding things the Art Manager does not process. Fortunately, textures are not among them.

    The clean way to do it (or rather, make the ArtManager do it) is to export the .tex files all the way to .tga (with TextureViewer) and them add them to your mod like you would any custom image.

    Except that, in this case, you put them in the same path as the originals to overwrite those.

    The source directory you use for this is the one you see/edit in the AM's Sources tab. It is physically located in working/custommaps/[yourmod]/source.

    Then the AM will put them in the .arc for you whenever you build the mod.
    Also, you can copy and edit them this way, making your own Itchian colors!

    So you
    - export the .tex to .tga with TextureViewer
    - use the Explorer or AM to put them into working/custommaps/[yourmod]/source/creatures/pc/(fe)male and name them accordingly
    - copy/edit them for the other colors if you wish
    - auto-create assets for them in the AM's Sources tab (texture, DXT5 or DSDT)
    - build

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    Hmm sounds kinda complicated first time doing it may take me some time to get this right. I will do as you said though and use texture viewer to extract them as well as trying to complete further steps see if I cannot bring this mod to fruition and near completion. The upside is once I get these textures right for everyone to enjoy I added a lot of animations to the ichthian depending on what weapon you use he idles differently. Should be a very fun mod and i changed up some spear and dual wield attack animations to. Was going to keep that quiet but everyone should have real fun with this and soon hopefully next upgrade. Thank you for that more thorough advice Violos. The auto-create assets I do not understand but I will see what I can or cant complete before I post again. ** Added ** Ah I see Am meaning art manager will auto-create taken the right steps I use on it I understand now. Well hopefully this is it then :P
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    It worked! It .. worked!! I cannot thank you enough for your time in helping me out Violos I will be sure to credit your help! A few more changes and my christmas present to TQIT is finally ready. Also my harpy, raptor, and furie will be next. Next mods I create is a Lamia which I am aware swift is in the process of making but going to put my own out anyway. Cerberus perhaps if I can get him to work well enough and a saberlion. May do my own dragonian mod which REL already did and maybe a few more quadrapeds and a centuar. Lots of work ahead lots to do. This breaks all my expectations tonight though this was a milestone for me now to get my first gift to the TQIT totally finished or lol near to it. Updates naturally can be pending afterward.
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    Well good news everyone V3 of the ichthian mod is done I just need to figure out how to attach files again think admins are not permitting me to access advanced or something in my first post or a site issue?? If you see this admins I would appreciate knowing what is going on. Probably my file is too huge now to be permitted to be downloaded here anyway I do'nt know how to make my own site page not a programmer lol. Munderbunny or one of the admins if you could speak with me be appreciated to know where I could upload this zip archive to so I can get this mod version out to the TQIT community. For the time being sorry everyone I cannot release version 3 bit disappointed I cannot. When I can upload it on someones site ill be sure to link where I had maybe Tamschi can help me out. (( Also am I behind the times does anyone use v1.1 TQIT anymore? I was away for a good portion of time ))
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    Glad to help.

    I made quite a few custom textures and animation tables for players and enemies, so luckily I had a fairly good idea about what you were talking about.

    So which creatures' animations did you use for new Itchian movements?
    I had some scribbled notes on which were "compatible" once but that must have been one of the things I did not put down in excel. Might be worth recollecting for other modders.

    As for the uplad, I use filesmelt.
    Alternatively Sendspace, but it's a little slower.
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    Some of the saytr, tigerman, ratman, jackalman, and limos are most viable and one boarman emote if that helps Violos. Sadly I cannot post my mod unless I can else where like gamefront or something... I had noticed my changes not only effected my ichthians but the AIs as well. Sadly the file has grown to 326 MBs now and is too huge for this site. Hmm just saw where you said to upload. Hopefully that is free I will go see about those so i can get this mod out for fun or others use. Thank you again.
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