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Thread: The Hardcore Uber Challenge Round Two

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    I'm afraid this challenge is dead, this thread for sure, and the new one too as iwantthehidra hasn't been around for a while. I suggest joining the XMax challenge hosted by Gasconron or the Uber Underlord hosted by me.

  2. #132
    It's not dead at all,I will try this challenge tomorrow morning when have time.I will try with Ritualist,untwinked.

  3. #133
    But bonobo told us in his post that this thread will not be updated anymore, so there is no use pasting your progress in here anymore.

  4. #134
    that's what I mean by dead, the challenge itself lives on as long as there are contenders, but the thread won't be updated at all. You could ask iwantthehidra if he want's to update his thread on this challenge, but this one isn't going to get updated for sure.

    or as I said before, try the uber underlord version hosted by me (link in sig), it's basically the same, except that it's with underlord instead of normal TQIT.

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    Well,if I can even start that,I will make another thread with updates and everything for my hero,but its free to use for all who play uber.Thanks for advices anyway

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    i ain't updating nuffin/im on charon hatin
    Hardcore XMAX CHALLENGE:
    ExTeRmInAtOr-Level 70 Conqueror,COMPLETED;

    Aellectris-Level 21 Oracle,Gorgon Cave;

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