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Thread: juggernaut artifact

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    juggernaut artifact

    For the past few hours Iíve been searching the internet for juggernaut artifacts.
    Couldnít find any guide. Only threads people asking for recommended artifact for their class.
    Any ideas, links, guides?

    (I donít know what forum to post this thread so I just post it here.)

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    Re: juggernaut artifact

    There are few cases in which class A must use artifact B and nothing else. It's really a case of what you feel the toon needs or lacks. Artifacts like Star of Ishtar, Blood of Ares, Symbol of the Polymath and Soul Shiver are good for any physical damage melee toon.

    If you want your artifact to boost the Earth/fire part of the build, then Eye of Ra or Might of Hephaestus are decent. If you need a boost to your resistances and -recharge, Talisman of the Jade Emperor is the ticket. For something that isn't tailored to Earth or Defense specifically but gives some nice overall boosts like +skills, +% experience and -% requirements, then Thoth's Glory or Glorybringer will work.

    With its boosts to both elemental damage and Str & Dex, Sigil of Bast is also fitting for a hybrid toon who may be short of the attribs to reach optimal fire and physical damage.

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