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Thread: Possibly impossible suggestion: random dungeons?

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    Possibly impossible suggestion: random dungeons?

    I have to admit:
    If I could pick a SINGLE thing that I could snap my fingers and have magically appear in Grim Dawn, it would be this feature. Even if nothing else from TQ changed, I'd be happy.

    I love TQ (currently in yet another playthrough even now), but randomized dungeons go a LONG way to improving the replayability in these kinds of games. I may be replaying now but it was a long hiatus between this one and the last one. Otherwise seeing the same sights over and over.. you know.

    BUT, I wonder if this is impossible? TQ didn't have this feature in the engine or toolset, and since those are being used to make Grim Dawn... I'm assuming adding this specific feature would be kinda a huge deal? Impossible to do reasonably in the development time Crate has allotted?

    PS - I know the Paypal thing is kinda annoying, but it is good news for me, actually I sorta have issues with Paypal and it was literally the only reason I haven't preordered yet. Get that sorted out soon so I can get my Grim Dawn key!

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    Re: Possibly impossible suggestion: random dungeons?

    Random dungeons... hey, you never know!
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    Re: Possibly impossible suggestion: random dungeons?

    It would be possible, if you worked really hard on it, lets put it this way: make the game put random staircases and portals down: lets have a pathfinder to join them: Get it to put walls around everything: stuff the decoration that would b overdoing it: place monsters randomly with proxy for right lvl. Im not sure about linking the portals tho...

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    Re: Possibly impossible suggestion: random dungeons?

    I'm sure medierra knows the limitations and how to handle it
    I'm suspecting they wanted to do this in TQ as well (more with entire predesigned random dungeons than randomly connected areas), but got cut somewhere during development. Not sure though.

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    Re: Possibly impossible suggestion: random dungeons?

    Random dungeons would be cool. Whatever the dungeon situation turns out to be I hope they end up featuring a larger texture pallet and more layout variety than TQ.

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