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Thread: Starfall crash

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    Starfall crash

    When trying to cast Starfall in the first cave, I crash. It's happened twice already... not sure what's wrong, it's okay when I cast it anywhere else. Maybe it's because the cave is blocking the stars? lol

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    Re: Starfall crash

    I'm not sure mate, I went to that cave and for roughly 20 min did nothing but run around casting skyfall and couldn't get it to crash. I can try lowering the point from where the projectiles fall, could help, but I have no way to see if it does help or not..

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    Re: Starfall crash

    This mod has made me play TQ again, its fantastic

    However I have crashed 13 times already.

    One time was by casting a starfall somewhere in greece (not in a cave).

    Once in the temple of hatsepsuth, also by casting starfall

    the other 11 are in the room of the boss wraight in egypt (the last boss)
    He has an attack where he raises his hands then the game crashes. I cant continue playing now

    PS: I found an item which gives +1 to berserker stats, bonus to pets and +2 attack speed. There is a text in its tooltip that says I have to report it... so ill do so.

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    Re: Starfall crash

    First on the starfall, I'll definitely be changing that skill. I've never got it to crash myself, but there's been plenty of reports. No idea how to fix it so I'll change the template and see if people get less problems.

    As for the sandwraith lord, I've changed the skill he used and hopefully that will help.

    As for the berserker item, thanks for that, yes that was a bad attribute. For now, enjoy it, it will give you a **** load of attack speed (not just 1%).

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