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Thread: Mythical Spoiled Items Incl. Pictures

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    I don't think Galefury has a recipe because there is none in underlordemus, maybe it can only be dropped by monsters in the secret passage ?

    Anyone has found Galefury in Underlord ?

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    Galefury is in underlordemus, i found it there

    you probably just oversaw it.

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    The recipe was added to the drop list, but it seems I forgot to put the recipe in Underlordemus.

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    Sorry to revive this thread after so long, but I'm wondering who drops the Nephrite Talisman for the Paragon of Violence recipe. Also, if there's some good place to try and farm the other two amulets required. Thanks in advance!

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    mythic.JPG found this in blood cave, dropped just like this > no need crafting!! So just wondering, are there any other mythical items that drop as an item not recipe formula?

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    I have just leafed through the list of formulae and (though I have not acquired a single piece of them yet) I found them a bit overpowered, mainly due to the high elemental damage and resistances. I'm worrying about looting a few of them will make the game easy. Just reassure me they won't.

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