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Thread: [REL] GUI for pOa's Map Decompiler

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    [REL] GUI for pOa's Map Decompiler

    A post of Kir4 in the german forum inspired me to write a small GUI for pOa's Map Decompiler. I had to adapt pOa's source code to make it working properly with the GUI. The integrated decompiler is now able to use a specified output folder and it can handle IT and TQ map files. It's possible to use it like a command line tool: "mapdecompilergui destinationdir" ()
    or what's more important you can assign and start it as default program for .map files or with "open with" and it will take over the given map.

    Big thanks to:
    -pOa for his marvelous program
    -Kir4 for inspiring to write this GUI


    *Requires .NET framework 2.0*
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