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Thread: Arena

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    Wouldn't it just kick *** to have a

    Ultimate Bloodshed Arena of Doom!

    I'm sure u all know what arenas are, and how the work in game, but if you dont heres a short summary:

    You enter a placea with no exit (until you die) and keep on fighting till you can.

    It would work in GD like this:

    In each major city, there would be a coliseum. When you chose to enter it, you have two choices:
    - Tournament
    - Free style

    In tournament you would match yourself in the most formidable, brutal and devastating warriors/heroes of that area/act/region the coliseum is located. For instance, if you were Egypt, you would fight crocodiles and mummies and scarabs and other beast u see at that region, but they have to be more powerful than ordinary beasts ofc. For the tournament you would require to pay an entry fee. And if you succeed in winning the tournament you will get a nice cash reward and/or experience + an achievement trophy! But devs, if your gonna do this make this tournaments HARD!

    Freestyle would be an ordinary arena, where u enter it, with no way of exiting it and monsters slowly spawn, from more easy ones to the uber hard bosses, until they get so hard u die. A kill count and timer would be nice.

    What do you think about this ?

    Maybe this could be unlocked when we finish the game?

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    Re: Arena

    Dunno how well it would fit in a TQ-styled game, but in most RPGs, like Oblivion, I will RUSH to that arena, and play in it as long as possible. By far my favorite part about most games. Challenges of the arena are a blast, my only complaint is that the arena should have MANY challengers. Like, nearly limitless, so once you become champion, you don't get bored and fight monsters.(Oblivion... laaame).

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    Re: Arena

    i like the idea of arenas. one thing i would like if they are implemented, is in addition to the monster-arenas you mentioned: a seperate arena with one on one fights against other warriors....npc's that have access to two random skill trees just like your character and decked out in suitable armor for their level.
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    Re: Arena

    FFVI arena, SO2, many more games. I loved the arena.

    I would just hustle to the arenas in those games; which many of were endgame attractions anyhow... but eh.

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    Re: Arena

    An arena is a great end-game activity.

    What I would like to see;
    An arena with endless waves (monster keep increasing in difficulty according to a formulae, probably with a random line-up). You'd fight for honour, not much else to gain in the arena. It'd actually cost money to fight, because you'd need to pay the hunter's fee (creatures don't just run into the arena).
    The endless waves should only be enabled once the game is completed.

    There shouldn't be much to get in the arena; although you'd need to have a stat to show many rounds you've survived thus far. And perhaps titles and/or trophies to unlock

    This could also be combined with the 'player base/home' idea, where the arena could be transformed into an underground dungeon, for example. Than you wouldn't have to worry about how well it'd fit in the Grim Dawn world. Plus it'd give a new activity to do in the house, as well as give it a centralized place.

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    Re: Arena

    Great idea.

    From what's been said so far, I mostly agree with the following:

    - Have an endless spawn of monster waves challenge
    - Have arena locked at the start
    - Have a fight with random NPCs with skills challenge

    Although I think it shouldn't be part of the main game. It should perhaps be an in-game custom map perhaps. If you'll inevitably die in the arena during the challenges, then it might be hard to make that not affect the death count if it's part of the main game. I mean we all hate the death count, and I am sure even the arena one would still look bad in our stats.

    Also there's a potions issue. How many would you be allowed for example. I am sure if you could have as many as you wanted, you could last there for ages until some monster will spawn that can one-shot you.

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    Re: Arena

    As for arena rounds; I think this should be done differently. Instead of going in round after round, you should be able to reequip after each round and choose whenever you want to continue. You'll continue from the round where you were at.
    Perhaps a continuous rounds mode could be implemented as well

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    Re: Arena

    So many brainstorming in this board... This might cause extra work / headaches for Grim Dawn Developers!

    I agree with Matseb for putting some limitations if there's an arena:

    Limiting access depending on “current level” and “story development” may also be a good way to prevent players from "over-leveling" or sticking around Arenas 24/7.

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