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Thread: Patch Changelog

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    Patch Changelog

    Version 1.5
    -Removed all "connections" between stance skills, so visually on the skill tree they are independent skills. I originally connected them just for organization, but Poseidon broke that convention and so it ends up not making much sense overall to have them connected.
    -Increased the cooldown of the boss spellbreaker.
    -Bosses now take SOME % health damage. Lowered the resist from "600%" to 75%.
    -Adjusted the run speed caps. Higher max, lower minimum.
    -Adjusted attack speed caps. Lower minimum.
    -Adjusted cast speed cap. Lower minimum.

    (Khloros: Locust Swarm)
    -Removed from Sand Wraith Lord (didn't work as intended).
    -Removed attack damage (no more flood of dmg numbers).
    -Stabilized the damage (no more "2-80 damage", much more reliable).
    -The first level of Locust had 100% dodge, then every following level had 99%. Fixed.
    -Now deals "Wound Damage" (physical DoT). Effective vs. undead (wasn't before).
    -Removed the attack speed leveling.
    -The swarm gets bigger the higher level the skill is.

    (Dokkaebi: Phantom Arrows)
    -Changed the passive modifier to increase the # of projectiles, that passive was actually a leftover from when the original skill didn't pierce enemies.
    -Also tweaked the mana burn on the passive, and added a % health damage.
    -Drastically lowered the mana cost on both skills (to 1 mana per arrow).

    (Dokkaebi: Touch of Madness)
    -Removed the mind-control element completely.
    -Added Petrify.

    (Dokkaebi: Taunt)
    -Removed mana cost. Too inhibitive on hybrids.

    (Berserker: Frenzy)
    -Removed heal aspect, wasn't working.
    -Removed the health bonus because of the above bug.
    -Removed the physical damage buff.
    -Removed attack speed buff.
    -Changed the Defensive Ability penalty from -33% to -100%.
    -Increased total speed buff.
    -Added total damage buff.
    -Added cooldown reduction.
    -Added piercing resistance buff.
    -Inner Beast modifier reflects damage instead of giving extra health.

    (Mind: Shield Expertise)
    -Removed shield req. reduction off shield expertise. This skill only worked when you had a shield ALREADY equipped, so while it worked most of the time, sometimes it behaved strangely.
    -Instead, Mind just has a straight -50% req off shields.

    (Mind: Draw Inner Power)
    -Added a 1% per-level total damage buff to make this passive more interesting than just mana.

    (Mind: Mental Strike)
    -Removed the tiny chance of mind-control. Was just confusing when it actually happened.

    (Lichdom: Ritual of Lichdom)
    -Since this is an "ultimate" ability, with a large downside, I buffed it. Now grants cold resistance and the melee dodge penalty goes from -29% to +5% when you max it.

    -Reorganized most of the skills. Your first usable attack now comes first, and the masteries come far later. This makes more logical sense and from a gameplay perspective makes Sekhmet a more versatile path than just putting 1 point in and maxing the mastery. This opens up use of the stances and makes the top-tier skills not so far away.

    (Sekhmet: Parry)
    -Overhauled the skill.

    (Venefici: Shield of Will)
    -Reflected damage is now a flat 100% at all levels.
    -Mana cost decreases from 70 to 0 as you level it, making it a viable hybrid skill.
    -Elemental retaliation scaling increased. These changes should make it less dominating vs. bosses and more reliable against crowds.

    (Poseidon: Smite)
    -Widened the arc of effect from 45 to 180.

    (Poseidon: Stances)
    -Lowered total damage penalty from 25% to 5% on Skyros.
    -Removed movement boost from Pindos.

    Version 1.4
    -Degeneration on skeletons removed.
    -Fixed bug that caused Unholy Blast to shoot over turtles and other low enemies.
    -New XP penalty that gradually disappears with more Path Level points (gone at 40). New % bonuses to all attributes that increase with Path Level.
    -Death's Grip improved drastically to compensate for the bosses now being highly resistant/immune to % Life Loss.

    -"Starfall" changed to "Particle Burst", functions as a medium range AoE burst. Skill Modifiers changed as well.
    -Now -10% health, and +10% total damage.
    -Dark Sphere changed from terrain following to normal projectile, could not hit low enemies.

    -Dropped the protection modifier from the Path Level
    -Axe Mastery cleaned up.
    -Increased the % chance of "Chop".
    -"Heavy Cleave" vastly improved.
    -Radius of Lioness' charge toned down a bit.
    -Added a slight CtAP to "Parry", adjusted slowed penalty. Duration always 2 seconds.
    -Spear Mastery has a run speed bonus that scales with points.
    -Blessing of Ra heal is increased, is 25% weaker than Nature's regrowth, still a vast improvement from before. Cap raised to 16(20). Burning weakened a bit. Removed armor bonus. Added new +% burning damage. Increases max life a bit.
    -Dodge has new -100% total damage debuff, but several new useful bonuses: resist "Slow" and "% Current Life Loss". Should keep its intended use better.
    -Skilled Shot starts out giving a higher piercing boost and penalizes -50% instead of -100% physical. Slows enemies' attack speeds more at early levels. Has 25% projectile speed boost.
    -Lowered the damage of Bow Mastery.
    -Now has a -15% run speed penalty.
    -Armor absorb bonus raised from 10% to 15% in Sekhmet Path.
    -Armor absorb in Defensive Stance lowered from 10% to 5%. Newly absorbs 10% of all damage.
    -Precise Stance adjusted. Attack speed penalty -10% instead of -5%. New +50% projectile speed.
    -Offensive Stance has +5% more physical damage in addition to the old bonuses.
    -Pumped the damage up on Power Shot.

    -Inner Walls % absorb dropped. Still absorbs damage, but the damage is not reduced by a percentage first. (Confusion about how damage absorbers worked.)
    -Added a -15% armor absorb penalty to Path level.
    -Attributes, Health, and Mana all start a bit higher to begin with, but scale normally.
    -Psionic Blast damage halved. Newly deals extra damage vs Olympians (Hades) as well as Telkines. +600% instead of +300% to compensate for the damage drop. Skill Modifier raised as well to compensate.
    -Mana cost of Cerebral Prism increased a bit.
    -Reduced damage of Mental Strike significantly. New 1% chance to convert, 90-600 duration.
    -Obfuscate displays effects properly.

    -Reduced the mana cost of Haglaz Rune slightly, increased duration of effects to 4 seconds. Adjusted other stats slightly.
    -Uruz Rune: Changed % health bonus to a static +10%, added a healing effect that scales up to 30(34). Removed reflect damage. Physical resist now goes up 1% per point up to 30%(34%) Physical Resist.
    -Cruel Arrows boosted up significantly. Now reduces resistances, deals more damage, slows more, deals extra damage to beasts/beastment, etc.

    -Cold Iron now has a mana burn effect.

    -Reanimated Polyphemus changed to "Champion" instead of "Boss" due to boss chests remaining locked bug.
    -Raised damage of Storm Trident, added 25% piercing chance.
    -Expose changed drastically. -25% health is the cap now, various other new debuffs attached.
    -Lowered mana penalty from -66% to -33%. To balance and keep the same mood of the Path, most Poseidon skills cost 25%-50% more. Level 100 max bonus removed. New Path 100 bonus in its place.
    -Lowered Lightning & Life resistances.

    -Dazzle now starts off shooting 3 projectiles. 1 was buggy and strange.

    -Reaper changed to "Champion" instead of "Boss" due to boss chests remaining locked bug.
    -Bodyguards have 25% more health, heal for a bit less, move slightly slower, and have different voices. Lowered their physical and pierce resistances.
    -Planar Weapon has several new minor effects, and newly grants a large damage bonus to artificial enemies (constructs & devices).

    -Enchanter changed from -75% price, to -50% price. Was borderline cheat before but I stand by the decision to drastically reduce the cost.
    -Sand Wraith Lord crash bug fixed.
    -The +1/+2 to Berserker skills prefix was adding +1 to base attack speed instead of the intended +1%. Error message was showing. Change the prefix to give the proper amount of attack speed.
    -Many bosses and quest bosses improved.
    -Increased the pursuit distance on some bosses.
    -Missing arachnos web resource fixed.
    -Most Male animations that were set as female restored to male.
    -Centaur War Horns now stun, but deal a bit less % life damage.
    -Players start with 300 health once again. The beginning of the game should be sufficiently hard to warrant the exra HP.
    -Faint trail added back to arrows. Speed of arrows reduced slightly.
    -Set all shields' block recovery time to 3 seconds. Many shields were 2.5. All shields have +10% chance to block, should help early-game shields. All shields 90% absorb their "damage blocked" instead of 100%.
    -Most bosses' resistances heavily adjusted to give strengths and weaknesses. This will make versatile builds with multiple skill solutions more satisfying. Characters that deal a huge amount of one damage type will struggle on certain bosses. All make logical sense. For example the ice yeti is now immune to cold damage. If you can't get past a boss, try everything! Note: Hades will evolve his resistances and weaknesses as you destroy his form.

    Tartarus + Sekhmet = Apophian (Formerly Flamekeeper)
    Sekhmet + Dokkaebi = Uraeus (Formerly Bennu)

    Version 1.3
    -% Life loss resistance on "Rite of Thanatos" reduced to 50% instead of 100%.
    -Black Hand: Chilling Ritae now functions differently. It always slows 1-90%. More points means greater chance of slowing.

    -Force Javelin scales better, has a tigher min-max range. Very powerful at high levels. Goes to 50 now. Costs more.
    -Dark Sphere and Evulse do slightly more damage.
    -Shield of Will up to 6 second cooldown, costs more, and lasts 1.5 seconds instead of 1.0.
    -Power Barrier and Kinetic are more effective, very strong.
    -Harness Mana: Charge has a new lightning resistance attached.


    -Removed hidden 75% resistance to % life loss.

    -Added chance to avoid melee to Recklessness, and chance to avoid projectiles to Recklessness - Haste.
    -Increased starting elemental resistance to 10% instead of 5%. Scales slower.
    -Frenzy now heals for the exact amount of maximum hp it gives. More useful in emergencies than before.
    -Windmill scales better, but is weaker. Damage penalty is always -95% for glancing blows.
    -Double Hit strikes 2 monsters instead of 3.
    -Lowered the fear chance on Double Hit to 2%.

    -% Life loss resistance on path level reduced to 50% instead of 100%.
    -Pale Inspiration and Fury of Beasts mana reserved changed to 75 instead of 100.
    -Fling venom scales much slower, but does much better damage at the first few levels. Mana cost lowered at start but gets more expensive. Poison Affinity and use of other skills required more. Max raised to 30.
    -Putrid Cloud functions differently, is now "Putrid Blood" that sets off the venom cloud when hit.
    -Natural poison resistance boosted up, should be more effective.
    -Blessing of Khloros has a new 5% physical resist boost.

    -Cooldown of Water Prism changed from 22 seconds to 30 seconds. Total speed penalty reduction scales slower. Costs more mana.
    -Reduced damage on Thunderstorm, Tempest, and Whirlpool in various ways.

    -Lowered the total speed bonus on the Path Level. Extended it to 100.
    -Lowered run bonus at path level 100 from 30% to 20%.
    -Stance of Kumiho and Chollima run speed reduced by 5%.
    -Trickery cooldown increased to 9 seconds, mana cost to 10.
    -Increased the scaling of Jiyu's heal a bit.
    -Impale renamed to "Smite" and made weapon non-specific. "Precision" skill modifier renamed and description changed.

    -Boon of the Goat was missing cooldown in description.

    -Several monster armors had requirements raised.
    -OA and DA formulas adjusted to compensate for lower attributes.
    -Unique quest-type mini-bosses limited to 1 just like regular bosses.
    -Cut potion cooldown by a second or two.
    -Some relics changed to remove "sleep" related effects in place of more useful ones.
    -Attack speed suffix's cooldown reduction reduced, that was way too good of a combo.
    -Boss health bonus adjusted from +66% to +50%.
    -Defensive Ability suffix (of ability, etc), gives normal DA boost, but chance to avoid melee dropped from 4% to 2%.
    -Mini-bosses in "Skeleton Raiders" quest toned down slightly. Archer and mage have much less health, among other tweaks.
    -Various main bosses adjusted to be more challenging and interesting. New skills, stat boosts, counters, faster use of skills, dodging, etc. As well, some were nerfed a bit to keep the challenge more consistent.
    -Starting Health raised by 50.
    -Theban Shield gives a new skill that activates on taking damage. Various other items have skills granted/activated on conditions.
    -Cyclops clubs adjusted to be closer to the size the actual Cyclops wields, they are also slower and more powerful, require more strength, etc.
    -Various common monsters adjusted. Zombies are tougher but slower, yetis are tougher, monster skill adjustments, etc.
    -Spiders now shoot proper "web", instead of the standard hunting net. They also spray poison instead of throwing bombs.
    -All spiders can shoot webs, but the spiders that couldn't before get an inferior version that has a very long recharge.
    -Renamed "Stonewall" to "Norse Buckler" to better reflect the item.
    -Health regen of all characters increased slightly.
    -Horse in very beginning actually does a small amount of damage now instead of 0-1.
    -# of torch wielding and high level unarmed Satyrs in helos lowered. XP spike from level 5 unarmed satyrs and performance loss from a half dozen torches at once.
    -First Path choice at level 2, Second choice at level 3.
    -Satyr Shaman fire aura weakened slightly in normal mode.
    -Movement speed suffix's avoid melee chance reduced.
    -Weakened "of ability" suffix's dex and attack speed bonuses.
    -The other "of ability" suffix-line renamed.
    -Enchanter prices reduced by 75%.
    -Unique amulets get -recharge bonuses. 5% normal amulets, 10% epic, 15% legendary.
    -XP penalty for dying slightly harsher in later levels.

    Version 1.2

    -Health penalty set correctly

    -Adjusted the damage of Evulse: Potency
    -Transfer mana transfered increased to 250
    -Power Barrier: Kinetic Protection gave no bonuses past 10 (so with +3 or +4 to Venefici skills the bonus would disappear). Fixed.

    -Block changed to instant cast. The benefits weren't quite enough to warrant having to cast it. Should be easier to block those powerful spells/shots. Also lasts 1.5 seconds instead of 1.
    -Axe Mastery: Chop displays 'chance to activate' properly.
    -Shield Bash damage reduced, scales much more quickly. Should be a more noticable difference between levels.

    -Psionic Blast stun reduced, new 3% chance of conversion attached.
    -Buffs have slightly reduced effects.
    -Ward stun time halved.
    -Psionic Blast: Mind Intrusion had the 15% chance to "Fear" split into 10% chance to cause Fear, and 5% chance to cause Confusion. Duration of fear reduced greatly while Confusion lasts a long time.
    -Inner Walls boosted to a max of 46/50. Should be more effective in Legendary now.
    -Added a visual effect to Inner Walls.
    -Kyudo has new +25% mana regeneration and minor piercing damage bonuses.

    -Frenzy: Inner Beast displays cooldown reduction
    -Barbarism passive Physical Damage reduced, movement speed drastically dropped.
    -Battlelust speed and scaling changed.
    -Recklessness Total Damage reduced.
    -Haste movement speed reduced by 5%.
    -Berserker Stance gives proper stun resistance, was a modifier before (which would give you NO bonus if you didn't already have stun resistance).
    -Cruel Arrows Confusion changed to Fear. Poison/Bleed scales faster, more powerful at higher levels.
    -Physical Resist on Uruz Rune reduced.
    -Double Hit can hit three enemies in front of you, but is slightly weaker.
    -Natural bonus of 20% health increased to 25%
    -Add a new skill, "Haglaz Rune" in tier 2 that works as a utility skill for hybrids and casters, but also has potential has a primary offensive tool with quick recharge and splash radius.
    -Regeneration tweaked.
    -Path Level natural regeneration greatly increased at start, scales slower. % health regen scales faster and starts lower to compensate.
    -Added a chance to dodge melee attacks to various Berserker passives and skills, including the main Path Level.
    -Pounce scales much better.
    -Tornado # of foes lowered to 10.
    -Double Hit, Sweep, Pounce and Windmill steal 15% health instead of 10%.
    -Double Hit causes enemies to have a chance of missing each time you hit them.
    -Weapon STR requirement reduction on Path Level scales much less, gives greater reduction on first point. Will help early levels. same bonus at 100 (half str req).
    -Windmill damage scales with more points a bit better. Hits 5 targets now.
    -Frenzy lasts 45 seconds instead of 30. Early level attack speed increased.

    -Cold Iron now always gives +25% damage in addition to its original racial bonuses.

    -Stance of Antaeus function changed. Different bonuses, and maxes at 1 point like all Stances.
    -Blessing of Poseidon now has active health cost and mana reserved.

    -Jiyu also grants immunity to "slowing" and "freeze". Duration shortened to 3 seconds. Should "thaw" the recipient now.

    -Camera shake on Summon Reaper adjusted, dissolve time on death increased.
    -"Studies" reduced to 30 point max, each point worth more than before. But sacrifices cannot be completely negated, only partially.

    -Captain's Shield gave +1 to Block, which maxes at level 1. Changed to "grants skill".
    -Bow slower and slightly less powerful, much more balanced. Price and requirements adjusted as well.
    -Torches deal less damage and deal burning instead of fire.
    -Bosses resistant to Obfuscate and Stuns.
    -Bosses will always be 1x, but are tougher.
    -Bramblewood Bows adjusted.
    -Some Xpack Monster items adjusted.
    -Various items grant skills and/or give bonuses to skills that didn't before. Added for flavor Biggest additions were in unique rings and amulets.
    -"Additonal Bonuses" in skill descriptions is a darker colored font.
    -Removed the trail from normal weapons to be in line with the bows. Looks better. Unique and enchanted weapons still have trails.
    -% Life Loss Resistance now displays.
    -"Banish Pets" removed. Unsolvable issue with banishing friends' pets in multiplayer.
    -Starting attributes changed, and item requirements to go with.
    -Shaved a couple seconds off the potion cooldown time.
    -All sets give on average 30%-50% bigger bonuses for each tier of completion. Additionally, there are more (but small) bonuses for only getting 2 or 3 of a set.
    -Hand to hand damage increased to compensate for lower stats
    -The "of Ability" line of suffixes adjusted
    -"Lightning" damage changed to "Shock" damage to clarify. Electrical Burn remains the same.
    -New level up and teleport effects.
    -New skill for Berserker (details in Berserker section).
    -New Torch effect /w light.
    -Game now starts at night, and you begin with a torch.
    -After saving the farmer's horse, you get a reward of 8 starter potions, as well as a small gold and xp reward.
    -Mana formula adjusted to compensate for lower attributes.

    -'Sobek' (Sekhmet+Berserker) changed to 'Warlord'
    -'Karakorum' (Dokkaebi+Khloros) changed to 'Koschei'
    -'Euxine' (Poseidon+Lich) changed to 'Infuscor'

    Patch 1.1
    -Path Level's negative health penalty now maxes at level 40 (-26%)
    -Intelligence and Mana scale normally and continue past 40
    -Soul Binding health penalty is now -10% instead of -24%
    ---(Possible to get -100% health and be permanently dead when combined with Tartarus)
    -Reduced the elemental resist on Necro Aura - Fortitude. 30 for everyone was way too high.
    -Dropped the Physical resist from Rot Skin. Lots of pierce resist already.
    -Wound damage on Unholy Blast - Vitality Feedback changed to vitality decay, damage slightly lower, and scales to top level correctly.

    -Shield Mastery changed to 24 max as was intended.
    -Block run speed factor changed from the error one.
    -Lunge set to proper tier
    -Speed bonus from hammer dropped much lower. Damage is still highest.

    -End bonus for Kyudo improved
    -Attack speed for Kyudo increased slightly at high levels.
    -Increased bonus at end of Kyudo training.
    -Mind Intrusion & Cerebral Prism mana costs did not scale with damage, fixed.
    -Mind and Body bonuses reduced slightly.
    ---(Combined with Path Level bonuses and the Buff line, exploits were possible)

    -Elemental resist capped at Path Level 40. +64% elemental resist was extreme even for the # of points it required. The elemental resist does jump up +10% at Path Level 100.
    -UI Connection on the Stance-line had a dark section, fixed.
    -Attack/Run Speed of Brute Weapon Training reduced slightly. Initial run speed increased.
    -Initial Run speed bonus of Determination reduced slightly.
    ---(Zerkers could get insane speeds that could be exploited on non-melee builds)

    -Scourge strike cooldown changed from 8 to 10 to protect the balance of its % life loss
    -Damage on Pale Touch reduced
    -Cloak of Hades reflection reduced slightly
    -Added the hint that Venom Cloud "hits four times".

    -Lowered the electrical burn on Earthshaker, it already gets a huge physical boost (which is more in line with my intent).
    -Lowered the proc chance on the storm modifier of Earthshaker
    -Lowered the physical damage boost on the storm modifier of Earthshaker
    -Dropped the physical damage boost of the ocean modifier of Earthshaker
    -Lowered the cold damage on the ocean modifier of Earthshaker

    -Increased the mana gain a bit, and the health gain a little in the Path Level to give more reason to raise it above 40.
    -Reduced duration of Unpredictability by 5 seconds.
    -Goblin's Grin debuff reduced, was insane levels still.
    -Goblin's Laughter debuff reduced amount of total speed slow. Attack speed slow remains the same.

    -Lowered the burning damage of Agony, with the +100% it was overkill
    -Lowered the physical and piercing resists of the Boon line. Way too high, especially with the massive armor bonuses available.
    -Lowered Boon of the Goat's DoT
    -Lowered the damage vs undead on Hades' Energy, made it continue to scale
    -Lowered the wounding on Fountain of Decay

    -Potion cooldown time increased even further
    -Normal difficulty increased slightly
    -Many items were pointing to missing skills. Fixed
    ---Chiron's Loop
    ---Assassin's Cover (arms)

    While I was at it, I started mixing in the new bow skills.
    Before, every bow-related item in the game pointed to the Sekhmet skills.
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