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Thread: Download Latest Version of Underlord

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    lets see if i get this right, i downloaed undelord , but to my understanding what this mod does, is to change the whole structure of the game only, so you cant go to the custom quest and select underlord mod. right?

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    I love love love this mod....but i hate the bosses. they're impossible. I have no trouble with mobs, except act IV, but the first char i got to epic is no match for Arachne's Shame, even with poison resist. Also, what resists do you need to not be a one shot for Hades's guards? Im taking a break and playing vanilla again for now until im up to the challenge again. I really like the balanced skills though, and vanilla just isnt the same anymore..

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    There are a few, bonus, super-hard monsters/bosses. Arachne's Shame is a sidequest so you can skip her for now if you can't figure out how to beat her. Her movespeed and skillset make her a very difficult boss to beat, even after many nerfs. However, if you figure out how to beat her, she does drop good loot that is more advanced than any you can find in that area of the game, and the quest reward is better as well. So, with the greater challenge comes the greater reward. But, as I said, she's optional.

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    Best game ever. Ok, Diablo 3 is better I wonder how many people still play TQ... :/

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    No way Titan quest is better.

    What surprises me is that people still play underlord instead of soulvizier. Even though I know the legendary contribution to the community Munderbunny made it is just logical to play the more updated version.

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    Personally while I like SoulVizier I do not enjoy all the changes Amgoz made, for instance:

    * the base run speed seems to high, +% movement mods are no longer attractive
    * the souls replace the rings
    * the resistance penalties require Mythics and such to offset, making a lot of legendary gear unattractive

    What is your take on this Mrbanisher?

    I do like the extra heroes, wands as weapon attack, better monster AI, so maybe I will take these changes from SoulVizier and mod them in Underlord.

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    The run speed is only increased by 16% it doesn't really affect me anyway as I didn't use +movement mods over other things anyway.

    High resistance penalties make the game harder. I like it. Long ago I asked Amogz about lack of resistances even in mythic items and the answer I got was: you need to swap souls as they have lots of resistance.

    Unfortunately they do replace rings.

    edit: I just took off all items and my move speed is 100% I don't think it was changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kadet View Post
    Best game ever. Ok, Diablo 3 is better I wonder how many people still play TQ... :/
    Diablo 3 is Blizzards Epic botched failure. As a huge Diablo fan (my favorite ip from the beginning) it was and is a huge let down. back to playing TQ with mods and way better game. Hell, for that matter,TL2 beta was better than D3.

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    So any new news on this ?

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    Does this mod include the patchfix for the fanpatch?

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